Researchers at the Chemistry Institute have developed a new way of regulating gene activity

According to the Chemistry Institute, the recent ICT technology has covered the CRISPR technology, which provides the same applications as an TA promo, but it is easier to use. Slovenianis researchers have discovered that TAA protests are capable of adding additional games, which may help them to come back to mind.

Researchers at the National Chemistry Institute have found that a TAA, which is attached to the left, can attach the TAI profit that is connected to the correct but unavailable. behind. This unusual feature was used to improve genealogy obesity, the preparation of loose cycling in human cells, and to prevent cleavage by CRISPR technology in unnecessary DNA sites, which is useful for cell cure and biotechnology.

According to researcher's definition, this study may be the first case where molecular cultivation was designed and used for a completely new purpose. Researchers believe that this finding is important both in order to understand their approach; In order to complex complex molecular configuration in nature, as well as to & # 39; Increase the accuracy, safety and effectiveness of cell seders or the use of biotechnology.

Preserving a generation sentence

As well as highlighting the function that is being done; Getting out polarized, researchers have also shown that this property of TALE protocols can be very useful for generating a generation.

They found that the third TAV PRO protein on the left causes the removal of the right neighbor, which allows the TAEL profile to be linked to the correct right. "Equals to break up landlords, not only two other heads, and we have confirmed that this works even with the five nearby, unexpected and very interesting, "said a & # 39; first author of the research and post office researcher in the Romana Jerale group Tina Lebar S-

"We found that this device can be used to codify logical work, such as OR, AND NAND, which can control the response of human cells to external features and operate information in cells , "she said.

It is the benefit that a & # 39; Gene generation based on targeted transit is that this genome control type is very correct. In addition, the selected gene can only be supported, compared to some of the other methods used by the device with targeted subtraction, while the genes that are close to be active, write them at the center.

Generation safer and reliable

Researchers also used polarized furniture to replace DNA different varieties, to prevent the creation of the CRISPR format. CRISPR technology is a powerful device in molecular biology, which scientists mostly use for DNA target separation and gene gene activation. An important problem in this technology is the separation of DNA in unwanted sites.

The separation system with TAA proteins can also be used to protect the genome against the unnecessary cleavage of CRISPR technology, which would contribute to a more secure and reliable generation, write them at the Chemistry Institute.

Amongst the articles of the article are the research of Anže Verbič, Ajasja Ljubetič and Jerala Romanach. Video animation is also available on this link with a simple presentation of the performance prepared by Lebar.

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