Samsung is a Galaxy Tab S5e which is completely complete

The Galaxy Tab S5e, which has been made for connectivity and entertainment, now connects prominent features to a shorter and lighter framework

Pressure (Millibars) he did it Galaxy Tab S5e – PC tablet is deeper, lightweight, and more developed with prestigious features for better connectivity. The Galaxy Tab S5e screen is 267.2 mm (10.5-inch) and a higher battery capacity, designed directly for more affluent and more familiar, entertaining entertaining experience.

"The Tab S5e, a stylish, fabulous tablet and an amazing tablet, is now available at a new price," said DJ Koh, president and IT chief executive and Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone Communications. "For those users who want to be connected to information and doing more, here is Tab S5e. It now offers a lot more – good, high performance For more affluent and special entertaining experience. "

Design unfinished

The S5e table with its beautiful and beautiful design includes practical and style. With an incredible tanny body (5.5 mm) and less than 400 g, the Tab S5e is simply easy to carry, stable and designed to respond to your daily life. Available in new and new color colors – silver, black and gold – to be with your way of life.

The S5e table with an extended battery life of up to 14.5 times[1], made better for hours and usage hours, allowing freedom to go to; hunting, playing and playing; playing games.

Information Channel

Tab S5e gives you full control over your connection to the world. Like the first Samsung Tablet PC with the new Bixby 2.0[2], The Tab S5e provides a more transient and advanced tool with other devices, making it a suitable search area for your connected home appliances[3]Next Command Command, move on the television and turn the lights at the same time, so you can change many of the commands under one command – your home environment voice orders will be quicker, simplified and more personalized.

When you want to perform tasks easily, the keyboard (sold separately) and the Samsung DeX will make the desktop environment. With call and message activity[4], you can now respond to a direct message or message from your board – even when you do not have a phone or have a connection to an internet without other wire.

Better dinosaurs

Despite what you like to be & # 39; watch a movie or a series that you like on the Samsung Super AMOLED image screen, in a ratio of 16:10, and without a home-based homepage, a full experience of content and amazing details. Tab S5e offers a presentation to 267.2 mm (10.5-inch) edge with a more sophisticated vision and 81.8 per cent screen screening for better screening. With the S5e Tab you can enjoy amazing YouTube Premium, which is free for four months. Now you can do the favorite YouTube content, YouTube Music and Gaming YouTube without worrying[5]South Westerly

Thanks to the Quad Speaker, the S5e program provides a rich and amazing sound, with a great "Rotate Stereo" technology, changing how you keep your record (just / speed). The Tab S5e is also enhanced by Dolby Atmos and the sound achieved by AKG for a round three-dimensional round sound and professional sound. With the Spotify application that is completed and a voluntary subscription for three months for new members, Tab S5e allows you to download your favorite music anywhere[6]South Westerly


Tab S5e is available in special markets, including USA, Germany and other countries, from April 2019.

[1] Battery life can be changed according to the use and conditions. Based on science experiments.

[2] Bixby Voice is currently available in the selected languages

3 Smart Smart's Hubs need to be included for connecting and managing tools through the SmartThings application.

[4] The obligation can change between countries and activists

[5] Available only in a selection of countries

[6] Available only in a selection of countries. Spotify essential membership (visit for more information).

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