Sharek complains complaints about the tax reform suddenly

MEPs ask Prime Minister Marjan Šarc. They are interested in yesterday and how the government works. What she has done already.

marjan šarec


Marjan Šarec says they will endeavor to spread the tax burden as fairly as possible.

Sharec agrees that we should build the lowest wage.

Member of NSi Jožef Horvat He broke a query on plans with tax reform. "Does the government include measures from the Consolidation Agreement when they are drafting statutory measures from the tax range," he was interested.

Sharec He stated that some of the partnership agreements were listing the measures announced before the government was designed. His partnership was & # 39; This issue was dealt with before it was even compiled. "This government did not have 100 days of peace, it had had 14 days of peace," Master Kamnik got out.

In the last two months we could not prepare a tax reform, he responded to Horvat, saying that the proposals brought to the public were only a draft work. In his words, this is only appropriate for discharging the fear or disagreement and gathering political points, "if we only talk on workstations, I do not know how that would be."

The draft law procedure did not impose a levy on buildings, which appeared in the population, but a draft work, according to the words Šarč "It does not identify what we are trying to achieve." "Since then the storms can be repeated in a glass of water," He showed a response from entrepreneurs to the changes in capital taxes in the partnership.

"Do not worry about taking anything overnight," He continued and he reiterated the need for time to prepare for reforms. It is only when the proposals are ready, they are presented to the public, and discussed in collaboration with entrepreneurs, employers, social partners …

Sharec helped the OECD survey, which showed that Sovietism stands out as workload over an average. In this part, it is a & # 39; See a place for improvements, so tax reform will be to reduce workloads with a slightly higher burden on capital.

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