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Prime Minister Marjan Šarec added that the 20th century in the history of humanity was regarded as a very bloody, created two major wars and series of other conversations after his death; war.

The change in history continues to problems, so we recognize again that the national freedom campaign during World War II was the only internationally renowned one with the West relatives. Today, at the 74th anniversary of the memory of a hundred victims of Franciscan in Grabna, Prime Minister Marjan Šarec.

"Today's gift is dedicated to hundreds of victims who practically gave their lives at the end of World War II, which makes it bigger not to" bring people " He said and warned that a war could begin, it is harder to end, and even when it is ready, leaves trees, wounds and has suffered memories for centuries.

"We have never allowed the NOB to be lower"

So, it's harder to populate history when some are </ p> <p> amazed why they opposed them and why they did not want to wait for others to do so for us. Sharec is saying that, & # 39; believe that it is essential for each citizen to work in those months and to fight for the liberation of his people.

"So we never have the opportunity to strive for national freedom, yet efforts to be lower. Just what name is it? , in all, the national freedom struggle, with all the mistakes and crimes, " said the First Minister, who was sure that the NOB, although the war is not something attractive, and that people make animal work, or something harder, but an incredible and honorable activity for the liberation of the country.

Despite events after & # 39; War, when there were some bad signs, no queries could be raised "not death of selfishness or going to church". According to both, both are needed, since any religion is the foundation of bad things.

To fight for the freedom of his people, he is always an honorary business, and he stressed and, in fact, in World War II, the Nobel Peace Prize was the ones that then gave us among the winners , even after the war has been the cause of crimes. "We have already accepted it long ago, although some have never recognized that there is co-operation in any place and that it is not appropriate," said Sharec.

"We need to grieve"

He said that even an error could be a big mistake, so we should not be better. Today, we still need the army of Sweden and a loveland, as well as being aware that Sloinneans and Serranants are, and if something happens again, we would come together Freeze and fight for Slovenia for free, as in late 1991 to get their own country.

"Today we are and does not destroy it every day with unnecessary grievances about who's starred and not. The star at that time was a symbol of the and today he can not change, even though 100% the Prime Minister sailed.

This year, 74 years have passed since members of German activists on 12 February, hundreds of prisoners from Celje, Trubar and Maribor imprisoned and chose their worst illness – death hanging. The owners who were banned were rejected for their share in the Tesno valley, where one of the most important Nazi officers on 2 February, leader of the Celje area and Anton Dorfmeister regional councilor, fell.

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