So Furs is full of the Finance Department: last year with surveys up to 160 million more


09. Feb. 2019 13:36

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So Furs is full of the Finance Department: last year with surveys up to 160 million more

Last year, the Shuttle Republic (Furs) Financial Administration made fewer reviews than the previous year, and its # 39; Extend many more tax liabilities as well as the lines. 6417 total control was made, with additional tax liabilities in the amount of EUR 163.8 million. That is 26 per cent higher than in 2017.

Financial surveys were also targeted at risk areas in 2018, with control actions aimed at & # 39; find and reduce tax space and use of customs and its; Improving voluntary surrender with tax liabilities, in line with the report on the implementation of strategic management and inspection priorities, and surveys in 2018, prepared by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Therefore, tax inspection studies were planned in a valued tax range (VAT), taxes and contributions from natural people income, corporate income tax and income tax from activities. 5508 inspections were carried out, although additional tax debts were 109.6 million euros.

Only in the VAT range, in addition to the addition of 61.7 million euros of additional tax duties in 2018, the Furs explained. This figure is 47.5 per cent higher than in 2017.

Target surveys in the VAT range have been largely dependent on the control of systematic VAT shift, the detection of the freedom of abuse of VAT in the supply of goods within the EU, and the identification of companies that have been was established to complete tax fraud.

A special area in the control framework on ban on the system is also the anomalies in a transported transport area. In this area, HM Inspectors investigated 86 last year and received an additional tax debt of 4.2 million euros.

As shown in these controls, it is still tax-charging in a range of motor vehicle builders from the European Union, and EU bankruptcy brokerage has been extremely awesome, they have not signed a revenue generated from the sale of vehicles, ask them to build VAT on the basis of illegally sold invoices or vehicles.

Financial surveys also focus on risk areas in 2019, forecasts of the posts. They expect to make the largest number of tax checks in the VAT range, and then control the corporate tax, fees and contributions from natural people income, personal income tax and other duties .

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