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Stad Kamnikani Salonit – Primorske novice

The most exciting game in the & # 39; First man's third league in Kamnik, where Salonit was led in the fifth set but lost the game. Among the girls who are still uncertain, Gen-I Volley continues to win the winning series. In the second league, the Prvačina still has the same male male club at the top.

Frantonlin 's Movie Salonit has 21 best player points
with Calcite. Photograph: Igor Mušič
Frantonlin 's Movie Salonit has 21 best player points
with Calcite. Photograph: Igor Mušič

The first one is DOL

Calcit: Salonit Anhovo 3: 2

Kamnik sports hall, spectators 250, The judges Pevc (Š. Lok) and Novak (Dvor); with seats: -21, 13, 26, -19, 13.

Salonit Anhovo: Kuburović, Česnik 2, Šarić (libero, 1 error), Nanut 6, Karnel, Basanež 10, Kavčič 5, Čabarkapa 16, Peterlin 21, Tomić, Vrtovec 6. Coach: Igor Šimunčić.

> Derby's circle hopes to hope. There was no team shortage in team leadership, and after two hours of sick incidents, Kamničani did not keep the tradition up in the last few years, so they were going on front of the Canals. Despite their loss, they are still firm in the & # 39; fourth direction.

Salonit Salonit the same part of the game, and sometimes the best competitive. In the finals of the three seats, Calcit walked the target with the crest's height and length; bays. The Kamnani was in a block where a senior 214 cm representative was managed Sašo Štalekar, reaching 20 points. The Primorje can not go to; first row to the next, and they could easily be lost. In the third, they blocked an extended game, but left empty, and in the fourth, after a good game, the overall result was the same.

In the fifth row, the campaign was made by cremation makers, but only 11:12. Then he worked for Calcit, who was running a & # 39; game by Kanalec Matija Jereb (he reached three points), he came Jure LaknerAfter he got to his shoe, the guests had many problems. The Kamnians stopped the first attacks at Primorske, but they got three points in a row and shortly after they won the destination.

"The last three points in the fifth series that the Kamničani came against us as a result of the collapse of our collection. The two teams were involved in the game. The guests worthy of winning, but we also had opportunities. The voters could enjoy policing, but they saw that the team was mutually recognized, "the training channel evaluated the event after their game Igor Simunčić.sta, im

First lady DOL

Luka Koper: Calcit II 3: 0

Element School Koper Element, spectators 100, judges: Zajec (Lj.) and Melavc (Šempeter); with lines: 15, 18, 21.

Luka Koper: Đukić, Raič 9, Isanović 12, Bernat, Letnik, Dodić 9, Haupt, Simčić, Kocet, Jovič 3, Pešić 11, Cvetanović 10. Coach: Dragan Grmača.

Koper > The guests got out of the season and they had a great influence that they removed from the dangerous lines to the middle of the force. Luka Koper started his game against Kamnik Podmladka (8: 3) and did not leave the main start in the # 39; first set. A course was similar to a similar series, but there was a third problem, in which the guests first led to the Koper equation at point 16. It was caused by a high young 191 cm Eva ZatkovičAfter-time At the crucial times, he did only know the knowledge and knowledge of Primork's side, where the captain Марини Цветанович with a number of two-dimensional points still confirmed Jelena Pesic there Iman Isanović.im

Puconci: Gen-I Volley 0: 3

Green hall, spectators 150, The Judge Stropnik (Podgorje) and Miklošič (Mb); le -14, -18, -20.

Gen-I Volley: Zbitarnik 5, Zaplotnik 4, Lucas 4, Kolbl 11, P. Blažič 19, Zampedri (free, 0 mearachdan), Grudina 14. Coach: Vasja Samec Lipicer.

> Anyone who was looking up before the winner's game even knew before entering the hall. The qualitative difference between those currently present, who did not win a competition in the # 39; war, and the fiftieth team of the first league, is good for a number of classes. Primorski trailer Vasja Samec Lipicer in the European Cup are the most difficult players – last night, The Male Lipicer Tini, The Mirti Velikonja Grbac, The Nushi Ferlinc there Klari Perić – Give me peace. The remaining girls are undoubtedly about who is the guess who guesses; game, the work is done in an hour and 18 minutes. The last half of the set was just a few minutes, but they were national teams Pia Blažič there Tina Grudina points that were met every time needed

Form: Ankaran Hrvatini 3: 0

Hoče sports hall, spectators 60, Rožej judge (Grad. Gradec) and Tovornik (Mb); with lines: 21, 12, 21.

Ankaran Hrvatini: Tozan (free, 2 errors), Krstic 4, Pangercat, Angelini 3, Medved (free, 3 mearachdan), Pavic 2, Cerovac 2, Ćorić 5, Lovšin 1, Trobec 9, Barut. Coach: Sebastian Miksa.

> In the first and third set with the most familiar Štajerkers, Ankaranke's women had a & # 39; fought well for fifth, but at the end they would admit that Formis was better this year. The winners were also played by former football player members Teja Bavdaž (seven points) and Aleksandra Milosavljevic (one point). Most of the game has many problems being welcomed to develop a fast enough game. Some hope for turning point was only offered by the first part of the last row in which the guides were directed, but only Koni Trobec this actor was not particularly at this time in the attack

Lowland region results

First lady DOL B Cruinn 6 – Prevalje: Ptuj 0: 3, Zreče: Piran 3: 1 (-23, 18, 7.26), Triglav: Vital 3: 1, Grosuplje: Crimea 3: 0, NKBM Branik II: Mozirje 0: 3. Order – Grosuplje 18, Ptuj 17, Zreče 14, Triglav 13, Krim 9, Prevalje 9, Mozirje 7, Life 2, Piran 1, NKBM Branik II 0.

Other DOL Round 6, Fužinar: Slovenska Bistrica 0: 3, Mislinja: SIP 0: 3, Fram: Calcit II 3: 0, Gen-I Volley: Zuzemberk 3: 0 (20, 20, 22), Braslovce: Brezovica 2: 3, Crnuvo ACH: Pro Volley 0: 3. Order – Gen-I Volley 16, SIP 14, Pro Volley 12, Fram 11, Calcit II 10, Brezovica, Mislinja 9, Fužinar 8, Braslovče 7, Žužemberk 6, Slovenska Bistrica 3, 12. Črnuče ACH 3.

Lower League, The marine products, The another on the west side of DOL, Round 5 – Logatec: Neptun Sianal 1: 3 (-21, -20, 15, -20). Order – 1. Olimp Ljubljana 15 …, 6. Neptune Channel 8 (10 teams).

He is a third DOL West man, Tour 5 – VC Portorož: Kostanjevica air Krk 3: 2 (-21, 25, 19, -15, 10). Order – 1. Žirovnica 12 …, 3. VC Portorož 7, 6. Salonit Anhovo II 6 (9 teams).

Third women of West DOL Cruinn 6 – Bled: Ankaran Hrvatini II 3: 1 (-22, 19, 19, 26), Gen-I Volley II: Luka Koper II 3: 2 (17, -19, -17, 18, 9), Grosuplje II : Luka Koper Youth 3: 0 (13, 9.14), Piran II: Novo mesto II 0: 3 (-10, -6, -12). Order – 1. Grosuplje II 17, 2. Luka Koper II 15 …, 4. Ankaran Hrvatini II 13, 6. Gen-I Volley II 12, 9. Luka Koper young people 6, 12. (last) Piran II 0.

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