Stevo Petrovič with terrible criticism and forgiveness

NOVA GORICA – Doctor in Hempstead Hospital Damjan Birtič in closing arguments yesterday in the Novorossi area court district of Parliament, they asked, for the treatment of patients, in their treatment of patients. Steve Petrovich He made no mistake from Solkan and did not deal with it according to teaching.

In March last year Birtic said he was innocent. PHOTO: MEIST MARKO

The accused's office in Novigrad was persecuted with allegations that he was an expert in pneumonia in hospital, Franco Derganca, a patient at lunchtime, did not commit an allegation to cure at the time of the trial. T May 2013, a report on third-level patients (Golnik epidemic disease clinic), and did not use open-ended surveys (broncoscopy, thoracoscopy).

But the light of the changes in right lungs was lit, but Birtic wanted to prove epidemics of lungs, although all the data presented should be on a clinical suspicion of cancer. T lungs. There could be suspicion of about 5 centimeters of a large bowl being found as cancer, but it should not treat the inflammation and antibiotics to the patient.

Petrovic only showed a terrible search by Golnik.

In Novice we published an awful letter from Petrovic who is 56 years old, who wrote after learning to have lung cancer in the final stages. He was told the dreadful news in the Hospital at Golnik where he sought help in July 2013 and found that adenocarcinoma was extremely advanced on the correct lip on the right, so days are gone. count. “After a year of extreme abuse and irresponsibility, I'm looking at an alarming news that I only have a few months left to survive. Sometimes it's like me that I am dreaming, and I hope they tell me that it's a last mistake. "He died on 31 December 2013.

In the closed arguments for Bahrain yesterday, the prosecution recommended that a special prison for a year in prison be imposed with a two year probationary period, a district judge. T Igor Majnik after finding the evidence-intensive procedure, they found that his offense was not proven, and stated that it was a punishment. As the judge explained, the court did not find any evidence to prove that Borders who had not treated them were medically dependent on medical tuition. The complaint has already complained.

8 years in prison is a penalty for abuse.

Even before the criminal proceedings had ended, a first instance judgment in civil procedure was given in this case. Petrovic's relatives in their local court in Novorossiysk were back in court for a few months back against General Hospital. Franca Derganca Nova Gorica has lost £ 50,000.

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