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Stud Farm Lipica: they are subject to a comprehensive inspection of a vet

"Your horse has been damaged by an inappropriate process of connecting horses," she directed the director of food safety, animal protection and animal life Andreja Bizjak. She said during the course of the inspection that a copy of documents had been sent out by the surveyors and that they would find a responsible person who could start the method of error.

But in the farm of Lipica Stud they confirm that the work to bring you together in a herd was made professionally and in good time.

“One of the priorities of Lipica Stud Farm is to establish high-quality tourist riding programs, which have been looking over the last ten years. There was no horse for horses as yet. The process of bringing horses together as a shepherd, committed for the first time in the last ten years, has been tightly incorporated and robust, " t they wrote in the response to the review.

They explained that they were, in the form of a flock, a horse and a horse rating, which was about their physical connection. As such, it ensures the attendance and direction of professional staff who control the flock and which prevents the intensity of the physical connection between horses and ensures the breeding farm, where they are also present. T registering the veterinary surgeon's reports on the reasons for the overall control of the farm.

On Monday's inspection, vets also found that other animals were not as good as they could be, so that they could make reasonable control. In fact, this is already started with a Monday inspection at the breeding farm and it lasts for a month and a half to two months, Bizjak said.

During this time, researchers will review how they are dealing with animals and what their results are, she said. It is between 300 and 400 horses. After full control, the monitoring findings are included in the report.

Stud Farm: Whole behavior is very calm throughout the day, which is also marked by the survey

In the breeding farm, auditors' reports are surprised by the surveyors, as they said, a regular annual review of the status of breeding farms has recently been completed on 19 March , was commissioned by a freelance independent commissioner. “The inspection also involved a check by the boy and found that the horses were in poor condition, and only praised it for raising the year 2018," which were registered in the breeding farm, where the commanders for confirming and further confirmation of the situation were ordered by external specialist guidance, to be produced by the Slovenian Medicine Chamber .

In the case of your damage, they also recorded in the breeding farm that a number of horses were involved in creating the process of the flock, which was not seriously injured by bites or servants, except for one who scooped three. games. The second horse is the examination, which found the worst was damaged, the mare which was an interlocking part of the last leg, is shown by the inspection of the stomach. directly connected to this event.

Because of the blow, this mare would be kept indoors in the box and all the other horses were released on the pasture land the next day, and all the days are eaten. brought together in stables, no more injuries. “The herd behavior is completely peaceful all day, and this study also indicates that this is that the flock was successfully created," he added. they wrote in the breeding farm.

They say that any of the 350 Lipizzaners are spoiled for the clear eye, and particularly for staff, quite heavy. “It's also true that work has to be influenced by ideas and programming that has different ideas, and is therefore used for such events as to raise the profile of adverse media. they were mentioned in the breeding farm.

According to the information presented by the Director of Bizjak's Medical Investigation, the farm was given full control over a few years ago when several tree trunks occurred.

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