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The amazing Zajce over 144 meters, won the 7th Solo through the qualifications

They successfully won the qualifications Anže Semenič, Jernej Damjan, Patrick already, Domen Prevc, Žiga Jelar, Timi Zajc and Bor PavlovčičSouth Westerly

A special jump on Timija Zajci, which landed at 144.5 meters, and this is the fourth achievement of certificates. Only three of the best employers, German Eisenbichler (146m), Poleka Žyla (147m) and Kraft Austria (145m) take longer. They all came down from the 15th run.

Leum Domen Prevc (132.5m) and Semenič (125m) from the 17th place and completed the 14 and 24 certificates, and Jelar (133.5m), Peter Roimhe (124.5m) m), Pavlovčič (128 m) and Damjan ( 119 m) fall from the 19th place and took 27th, 36th, 40th and 50th place.

Timi Zajc


The Slovenianis competitions at Willingen are "a good board for their world-wide program"




A Saturday game starts at 16.00, Sunday at 15.15.

Damjan, the longest trained by the Soviet

In the horrible program of Friday in the German leaping center, the competitors were officially organized before the crew was completed. match them. Here, the Damjan was more than 132.5 meters long, and the older ones from the Prevc brothers were 131.5 meters, and also with Anže Semenič with 130.5 meters.

The youngest man, Domen, arrived at 127 meters, Jelar at 124 and Pavlovčič at 120 meters. At the training, Timi Zajc was the shortest short-haired Geese in the winter, capable of attracting 108.5 meters.

Willingen, certificates:

According to Willingen

Saturday, 16 February
16.00 individual game – Willingen Five

Sunday, 17 February
15.15 individual game – Willingen Five

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tilen bartol


Bartol in Oberstdorf just behind the stairs

Gorazd Bertoncelj


After responding to the senior level of the session and a good cash prize

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