The duck died in the eyes of his friends

Yesterday, just before 11m, police officers were sent to a crash in Bovec, where Mangart sent the Italian gornik who was 48 years old, ; rising 2,679 meters deep, and fell to depth and as a result of injuries.

At 8.30 in the group of three friends (all Italian citizens), a Mangart climber climber on the Slovenian path, It is considered very challenging to the hill. When they reached about 300 meters below the Mangart summit, they started crossing the hunting, in a section where it was not connected with jet and pieces. The first 48-year-old climb started to cross the hunting, using crampons and crampons. When he reached the half of the snow, he slid down and stretched his back about 20 meters in the sneeze.

Under the sneak roof he hit the rocks, then placed another 130 meters on a rocky steep slip, and then dropped over the hospital that was destroyed in a smaller depth.

One of his friends went down to him, but after a few minutes he did not show life marks.

Friends informed the security authorities in Italy about the depressing disaster, and then it was known to the police of the incident about the event. A helicopter team with a GRS team has been implemented later by the capable service, but helicopter rescue can not be caused due to bad weather (strong wind and smoke).

At 2pm, members of the Bovec mountain rescue service came to the crash site, which made a classic way to save, and move to Mangart saddle before 9:00 pm the dead climber.

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