The healthy part of Agrokor is after the new Forten group, Mercator, currently very bad

In Croatia, Forten came alive with the introduction of a settlement agreement with Agrokor creditors. A healthy part of the biggest Croke company comes from Fortenova, and the poor people stay on Agrokor, who will finally be wiped out. The old Agrokor Mercator is left.

Forten's band came to work, replacing Agrokor.

The Fortenova Group has formally started today, reporting on the concern of Croatia Agrokor. They also gave a new corporate identity of a new umbrella body in green (unlike Red Agrokor).

Forten's organization will move forward the claims for Agrokor creditors and business processes. The largest owners of the new company are Russian banks Sberbank (39.2 per cent) and VTB (7.5 per cent) and bond tenants (25 per cent), most of whom are US financial assets. T .

The town also includes additional provision that allows Sberbank to divide an 18% exchange of shares in which Mercator, the large Slovenian retailer, shares for sections of the new company. If the settlement was implemented, Sberbank in Fortenova will have a further 1.6% stake, with the current 39.2%.

Today, 77 Agrokor companies in the Crota will execute their creditors with creditors. Forty fragmented water companies have submitted their new company through their mirror companies, which signs the name and sign. 32 Agrokor distribution companies in Croatia will also be moved to Forten's organization.

A healthy part of the biggest Croatian company under the company Fortenova will grout, and the poor still live on Agrokor, which will finally be destroyed.PHOTO: Dreamstime

The assets and gates in 82 companies from the Agrokor structure in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, including the larger Mercator, will be transferred to the new company in accordance with legislation. Those countries in the second stage are completed in Croatia.

In the meantime, the original production companies will enter the existing Agrokor, which will be scrapped from the court record after the completion of the normal administration. The administration activity will be unusual, which commenced on 10 April, 2017, finishes after Agrokor's overall property has been transferred to the Forten Group.

Now, Mercator is still on the old Agrokor

For Agrokor, Mercator is still there. His poetry is Honorary Solicitor to the Croatia Government for Agrokor Fabris Perusko In a series of recent speeches for the Slovenian media, he said again that he wants to move from Agrokor to Fortenovo healthier as soon as possible, as this is also important for the Mercator suppliers, those who t and the entire economy of Soviet.

What happened to Mercator is not yet clear.PHOTO: Dreamstime

His own dynamics have been relocated, depending on the Slovenian legislation, to the agreement of all 55 Mercator banks. Negotiations with banks are set to continue and they will continue in the weeks and months ahead, with some banks holding onto the words at Perušek. The next steps to move the Mercator motions are once approved by the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency and the solution to minority interests. In the worst case, Mercator could be left on the old Agrokor, Perusko said.

He also takes over today after Fortenova's chief executive. On Tuesday, eight non-executive members of the Organisation's governing body will be confirmed.

Fortenova's Management has a healthier business base than Agrokor, but the debts also emphasize the work of a developed company that starts operations on top debt. This amounts to between 1.4 and 1.5 billion euros. Mercator's debts are 650 million euro.

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