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The 34th Slovenian Book Festival will be held in Cankarjev dom. This year, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Ivan Cankar, in which the country focuses on Hunger

Péter Nádas

Péter Nádas

From 20 to 25 November, Cankarjev will host me to the 34th Slovenian Book Festival, which was organized from 1981 by the Book Publishers' Chamber and booklets at GZS and Cankarjev dom. In six days, 106 tickets will be issued, 100 foreign and foreign literary guests will be hosted, and 340 events will be held together. Focusing Hungary will be a post office and post office. Amongst the guests include two literary names, which is the book prize by Roddy Doyle and the winner of the Goncourt, Marie NDiaye prize.

Among the more than 100 literature held at the festive show some of the famous Solo artists as their live dates at the front of the audience: Drago Jančar, Ivo Svetina, Marjanca Jemec Božič and Svetlana Makarovič .

Hungarian host country, who, in collaboration with the Balassi Institute in Ljubljana, will try to be in a position, from a wide range of areas not only through literature, but also through film, music, dance and the music arts. The hostile guest of Péter Nádas, one of the authors of Hungary, is known as the Parallel Story novel, back to Slovene. As part of the film program, Slovakian audiences are able to see the creation of Hungarian film creatures that are currently growing.

Discussion cards affecting culture; Reading, the main theme of the Publishing Academy, led by Miha Kovač, is the relevance or incompatibility of subjects in youth literature, which will be answered by guests from Britain and Jake Hope Germany and Ralf Schweikart.

The platform will host a number of foreign and foreign guests: Cvetko Bevc, Barbaro Korun, Suzano Tratnik, Irish writer Roddy Doyle and author of Vladimir Vertlib. The journalist and main psychologist Nina Dragičević are preparing a series of interviews with authors who have every language with a specific language – across the borders. The Slovene Writers Association is also a range of LGBT literature. What does LGBT literature mean? What are the special things, what it is for, what it is to do; sailing and worrying me? Brane Mozetič discusses this with Alojzija Zupan Sosič, Suzana Tratnik, Nataša Velikonja, Milan Šelj and Uroš Prah. The best Slam police will be delivered, and before that, Peter Semolič, Nina Medved and Kristian Koželj will talk about straw as the appropriate poetic form.

This year's photographic corner, which was introduced last year, has given an extra place for a photo of Photocon, where visitors can experience and talk to Solo artists who will create in photobooks .

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