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The PlayStation Network lets you change the user name

Time for change?Time for change?

After many years of waiting and unprecedented demand, the last Japanese giant has finally enabled him to become a pseudo-player on the PlayStation Network. But Sony is already warning it can change PSN ID It causes problems in specific games such as: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last Pool, Little Big Planet 3, Killzone Shadow Fall, Titanfall 2, Warframe and others. The full list of addresses that have not agreed with the new username has been successfully completed, and is available on this link.

The PSN name can be changed to a PlayStation 4 on a computer or on a console (but not on PS3 and Vita), unless it's a children's account. First place he is freeand for each subsequent part they will be removed 10 € (buyers PlayStation Plus is valid 50% discount). You can restore the nickname without payment, and you can also show the old man for the first 30 days after the new name, so your friends will be notified of the change.

If you would like to replace your computer, you will be logged in to the PlayStation page when you sign up Account options> PSN profile find the button "Editing"next to your custom nickname. To switch to PS4, go to Settings> Account Management> Account information> Online ID> Profile and voila!

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