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The police sell three dogs and 105 cars (unconscious).

If you want to start a new friend with four legs, you might be interested in policing. They sell three dogs: the first for 1000, the second for 500, and the third for 50 little euros. They sell well-attended cars, but they must be bought together.

Inland Ministry Sale 105 used cars and 64 unused cars and motor cycles and 42 disused automobile drivers.

These are all sold together, unsuccessful applications will be canceled. The price for each of the items includes € 61,800.

The 105 vehicles are all empty and their value is valued at € 60,000. One of the vehicles is estimated to be just over 5000 euros, one to a little more than 2500, according to police estimates, the value is around 1000 euros, more than 500 more.

They also sell three dogs

Police Forces InaPHOTO: Police

They also sell three official dogs: two years old is Ino and Hugo and nearly 12 years of Lux lose weight. For the German shepherd Huga has needed at least 1000 euros, for the short German bird Ino 500, for Lux, a species of malinois sheep in Belgium, 50 euros. The dog can be very unpredictable if it is unsure and uncertain in its guide, so a trained guide must be. Applicants will be required to complete a questionnaire to assess the applicant and sign a declaration that they will work with the dog in accordance with the Protection of Life Act.

The chosen tenderer will give the maximum price, but at least at the start price for each dog.

Police dog LuxPHOTO: Police

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