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The Queen, Meghan, struck her toes on the royal coat of arms

It is clear that Meghan Markle carried it again in the nest of the nest. It was supposed to be seeking a necklace from a private private collection, and the queen was convinced. If games so far are freely chosen, this is the end as the queen is tight – the rank must be retained.

Meghan was part of the royal wedding of the wedding.PHOTO: Profimedia

The British royal family has a large private royal family, with many valuable pieces of jewelry. They are largely owned by the United Kingdom and some pieces of jewelry are also owned by the queen, and currently are the loaned members of the royal family. So the princess would have been wearing her jewelry Diana, the DukeKate and the newest member Meghan Markle.

It is clear that the queen doesn't like the way Meghan wants a particular piece of game. The well near the royal family told the media that Meghan wanted a piece Harry he said he would get him. But the queen raised her hand quickly and she said. "According to the court, it has been suggested that Kate is worn by many pieces, but Meghan does not, the said he said.

"Kate is seen as a future queen. Meals can always visit … She will always be a member of the family in the background, although she likes it,"said the writer to the media." Andrew Mortonauthor of a curriculum vitae, also a biography of Princess Diana. He is also having trouble with Harry, who is wanting to treat Meghan the same way as Kate.

However, Meghan may have some jewelery so far, so she had diamonds which the queen had. MaryAnd she put her hand on the ring once upon Diana. Even when she visited Australia, she borrowed the late princess's earls.

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