The Šaban Šaulić keyboard also died

The German police confirmed that Mirsad Kerić, a co-worker and a friend at Šaban Šaulić, had a serious physical injury. Keric was involved in a car crash in Bielefeld by Saulic. An accident caused a drunk driver.

Mirsad Kerić, 43-year-old songwriter Saban Saulic, he dies in a terrible fight. The information for Serbian media was reinforced by the German police.

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The Serbia media report about his death already in the morning when the Sabanov manager sent them the wrong information Sabit DerisevicMirsad died, Sabita told German hospital nurses. Later on, he appeared on social networks Denis Kerić, son of a musician, who explained that his father Mirsad's father was still in a tough situation and he did not. ask the media to send uncertain information. He knew the hurt and asked him to understand the mistake.

Well now, a few hours later, the German police said Mirsad was unfortunately lucky.

In a banner car, the seat, in which Saban and Mirsad died, Shabanov was a dragon Free of charge, suffering a little injured. The accident happened after the Shabanov exhibition in Bielefeld. The three were moved to their airport, where they were; travel to Belgrade.

According to the Serbian and German media, Shaban and Mirsad did not have a chance because the race was too strong. A German driver driving unnecessary driving and driving license; beat at 180 km / h speed.

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