The saints of Ljubljana went to the hand of Ikei

Ikea shopping center in Ljubljana faster construction.

Today, the Ljubljana Town Council voted against it; A non-voting decision, which allows the Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea to start a shopping center in the Ljubljana BTC area. For permissible use, Ikea can now enter the southern entrance to the shop center.

Town councilors agreed the decision without debate with 36 votes, and so removing the agreement that Ikea can obtain a valid permission but after the regulation of a southern entrance road from the Kajuhova and Kavčičeva street crossroads to an American and Italian street crossroad, where planning its schedules.

Ikea is a campaign to achieve a place confirmation to allow individual threats from the state of spatial operation, which have been possible to convert revised year's year-up legislation, be submitted to the town in July last year.



Is the owner guilty that Ikea is not yet there?

The following year

The area should build the ground to build the south entrance road, but it was Problems on the land at the Kajuhova and Kavčičeva ulica road cross. The land is owned by Protect GL, which is bankruptcy and the town has not agreed to the sale price with its & bankruptcy manager. In the summer of 2016, the town started the application method, which lasted last year by the end of last year when its home was asked to run the procedure under the new legislation.

The Swedish furniture giant will again be able to start construction, and Ikea's first source in Slovakia could open the doors next year. The investment is worth 80 million and it is expected to open around 300 jobs and go to about 30,000 square meters of land.



Why is Ikea? That's why!

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