There are more than 12,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year in Slovenian

More than 12,000 people have cancer each year. Picture: BoBo

The emphasis on individual individuals' contribution to reducing cancer morbidity is also a key part of the three-year internationally launched International Cancer Association campaign and will be held by the end of 2021. The people of the campaign I and I (I and me)Next Post Everyone can take measures that will reduce the risk of cancer.

The importance of healthy lifestyle was also targeted in the message of the Health and Womens' Chamber of Slovenia – the Association of Medical Professionals Association Association, and today's Healthcare Technician of Shlovakia (Association Chamber). According to the president, their section of physics and medical technicians in oncology Ana Istenič The risk of getting cancer can be reduced by at least a third, by & # 39; Choosing a healthy lifestyle, finishing smoking and excessive alcohol, regular physical activity, maintaining appropriate weight and stress management, and a? participating in screening programs, such as Dora, Zora, Svit and HPV against the vaccine.

Tobacco is the most important of cancer and death due to cancer. Picture: BoBo

Men are more likely to carry cancer

According to the Oncology Institute of Ljubljana, the highest number of people in Slovenian are suffering from cancer and their cancer. Dying with cancer, which is largely due to poor lifestyle, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, enough eating and obesity, lack of exercise, etc. Due to the way of life, cancer is more likely to be sick and die the women.

Men are more likely to be alcoholic than women, including them are more fat and heavy, and include more people, and are not as responsible for different prevention or screening programs. Its & # 39; handle; Most of the most successful firms will be found at their first stage of development.

Cancer screening programs can be detected or cancer disorders before symptoms of illness appear. There are currently three types of programs available in Slovenia: Zora for detecting cervical cancer changes, Dora for chronic cancer discovery, and Svit's program for a & # 39; Finding cancer and cancer changes in the colony, run by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

Every year more than 12,000 people are sick

RS Cancer Registry data shows that more than 12,000 Philippines have a " suffering from cancer, in the last few years, and about 6,500 people and about 6,000 women died each year, and how more than 5,700 people died, about 3,200 men and 2,500 women died. die. There were 50% of Slovene adult patients residing in Slovene's adult; living in a relationship (without a non-melanoma skin), which was commissioned in the period 2006-2010, with almost 60%.

Sweden has increased the number of cancer and has doubled almost 20 years. Tobacco is the most important of cancer and death due to cancer. In Slovenia, her role involves 29% of cancer cancer in the age of 30 and over, almost every three deaths due to cancer. Most of 88% of lung cancer deaths tend to tobacco.

The most common crunches

The most common cancer in Slavia is skin, colored and correct, lung, chrom and prostate cancer. The risk of cancer is also increasing by people who are experiencing getting older.

On Earth Day Against Ali, the NIJZ emphasized the importance of doing it; Participating in new European projects to better regulate this disease. These are INTENT and iPAAC projects, in which the NIJZ works with the Ljubljana Oncology Institute. As explained, the projects focus on the implementation of sustainable measures, which have a positive impact for all citizens, and especially for all oncological patients. They focus on the management of cancer situations and they will place the patient at the heart of actions that can be done; the project. Partnership participation also contributes to greater involvement with experts and policy makers in the oncology policy in Europe and between Slovenia and countries that are in the world. take part.

World Day Against Alsh

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