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They help us in the mountains now they need our help

For several months, collectors Kamnik have been in boxes in the old KIK factory. People who want to spend their free time in saving and helping others now need our help. To provide a good ceiling on their heads, they must collect around 210,000 euro. You can also help them.

Mountain-rescue Kamnik are among the busiest in the country. 37 members a year cut between 35 hours. These are volunteers who give up the time to solve others, even at work times, because they all have regular services. With their help unnecessarily, they have already lost and injured in the mountains, and now they have to help us.

Send an SMS to a keyword GRS5 number 1919 and give $ 5 to build new buildings. You can also send your contribution to this particular business account open only to build the building SI56 0231 1026 1122 215, opened by NLB.

At the end of December last year, they left their site over Veterina Kamnik, where they had been tenants for many years. In particular, the town sold off these buildings, but mountain rescuers were left roofless. According to the press release, Slovenia has no systematic and statutory arrangements for mountain rescuers, which would ensure that a permanent settlement remains in the city.

As such, they took part in the campaign and decided to buy land with an old storage facility in the area where the old cottage was demolished. “The one of the last opportunities in a city that gives us the chance to work with the helicopter is a chance. At the same time, it follows the site plan, and the town generally supports us in terms of place (see below). T they have described and described the long tradition and the systematic co-funding of the Slovak Republic Administration for Defense and Rescue, the FIHO Foundation and the local community budget funds, the funds they have collected are no longer sufficient t for regular operations.

A charity concertPHOTO: GRS Kamnik

Municipality of 'Kamnik' identified EUR 110,000 for the location of the building. The cost of this purchase is from the sale of Veterina Kamnik's site. However, as these are specialist assets, they will only be able to commence construction in advance of the purchase of land, and which can be utilized to rebuild the existing and renovate building, and for renovating it. reconstruction of common infrastructure.

We are volunteers, we volunteered for this job, which we are doing at a very high level. As well as the sort of mountain rescuers Kamnik, people accessing international conferences come in to take part in international rescue medals and exercises. T , standing alongside the great mountain rescue names from Alpine countries such as Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Italy, as well as an … t

GRS Kamnik

To buy land around, there must be around 50,000 euros first. But to manage the building and the helicopter for the ILP for mountain rescue needs, they will need an additional 160,000 euros. According to their estimates, the final price is estimated to be around 320,000 euros. Of the amount mentioned, GRS Kamnik's company needs to collect just £ 210,000, and should not deal with the funds it receives for rescue needs at present.

And if, by co-funding, it is handling to maintain the necessary equipment, it is impossible to solve spatial problems with the sources mentioned. So on Thursday Monday, April 11, at 8pm, organized a charity concertwill be in the sports hall Tom Brejc Elementary School in Kamnik. Tickets from ticket sales are expected to only solve a spatial distress by mountain Mountain rescue rescuers Kamnik. You can also make your contribution through it SMS, with a keyword GRS5 number 1919 and you give 5 euro to build new buildings of the GRS Kamnik. Or, you can move your contribution to a specially opened NLB account SI56 0231 1026 1122 215.

"Mountain rescuers are natural children and our teachers were electronic, black night, snow fever, polar cold … We don't surrender until the medical-care victim is safe , "like Kamnik rescuers who think that, with the help of good people, they can collect the necessary money so that they can continue to fulfill their purpose without any difficulties.

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