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They killed my son; – 24ur.com



"They killed my son," said the father of the five-year-old who died last year at the Maribor Clinical Center. A doctor substituted by Bora Nekrepa, who also died in a hospital in Maribor, was already seated on the dock and was released from the father of the faith that he did not. badly and professionally treated by the boy who died in a few hours. in hospital.

The Clinical Center of the Maribor University found in control that the doctor followed in accordance with the teaching, and the Public Prosecutor's Office is now waiting for the Medical Chamber to finalize its opinion. of whether the case will be taken to court.

The boy suffered from a very unusual illness, but it appeared that he was able to travel from hospital to hospital himself, he usually spoke to his mother in the waiting room and then the lost health conditions, he lost his life for life.

The father is disappointed that things could not have been moved to this stage in the year when he would have answers that people are waiting waiting for: Does his son die because of medical errors? Talk to your father's little tea in the video attached.

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