Tim Gajser raised bad problems, and I just dumped it

Tim Gajser finished fourth in the World Motorcycle Championship. And after the badly injured season, the marriages of the world were also very happy with this achievement. By the 2018 season, it has already attracted a line, and at the end of November it will begin to start up or start for a 2019 racing season.

Tim Gajser which is the new one in recent years, and this year, the year's winner is the best sports sportsman in the year. For this, this award, which was awarded at the end of the season with AMZS screen, is the fourth apart. But the best Healthy guitarist says that everyone is happy, each one is something special and memory of the season.

"Every season is different, its different wages, it was very difficult this year, something important in my life. At first, it was hurt, then hunting, in the second half My own. I feel that there are still many resources. I'm going on, "said Gajser about what's going on. appear in the 2018 season.

Tim Gajser MXGP motocross


Tim Gajser is again the best sportsman in Slovenia

"The new incognition is for the future. I am grateful to AMZS that they have chosen me again." "Let's let on, the motivation is good." The goal is to get back where I was. There is a test and everything is good and we're on the right road, "said the year's motorsport in Slovenia about the new recognition.

The wings will be removed next week

In 2018, he was not lucky with health.

In 2018, he was not lucky with health.
Photograph: HRC

Gajser was fourth in the World MXGP Competition 2018. He is now sorry that he has not won any impact, but against the difficulties and benefits he has had; Following, he noted that it was not so bad: "It is a dread at the beginning of the season. In the second half there were many levels, it was near Herlings. On the top of the season, I just get a dagger, one effect. I hope this will also come. "

His season was also marked by serious injuries. It had been the effects for several months, and just 14 days ago it was removed by a small-scale metal surgeon, which he received in March. Then he hit his head with us head and broke his copy, and he would have to do it; The first round of the season was left, but after that he took a long time to come into the competition at the last two finals.

"The health is also the area that has now been revived. They removed the iron and the jaws from their copy. After six months, this was out, the revitalization is done according to the plan, it does not drain, next week I take off the sheaves, and I'm ready, "it's possible to completely do the health line, Honda racer beautiful.

He also wants to show himself in Slovenia

Gaiser received a crystal helmet this year for ten titles from the national show.

Gaiser received a crystal helmet this year for ten titles from the national show.
Photograph: Urban urban / Sportida

Among the awards the young racer at the service included, it was also home accomplishment. AMZS will prepare crystal helmets for its jubilee athletes – at least five titles, or then for multiples of this number. Gajser won the title of ten titles of the national show, which also means that he also Take part in domestic races with the worries he holds in the World Championship.

"It's a really special thing in a national show. Despite the big World Cup competitions, I get a lot of time and I am coming in. This is a big sign for the fans, I have friends with whom we grew together, there are great memories in the same way, on the same day. I think it's right for myself to appear in Slovenia, "said Gajser on this racing road.

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Gaiser reinforced the guide to the home court

And even though it's only November 2018, her thoughts are already focusing on the season in 2019. It only has a week but arrangements will start. "The new season will begin sooner. We are already starting on arrangements for the 26th, as training in the sports hall, on cycling, in the engine , and in January, it's already done. I hope I can prove it. "

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