Timi Zajc sing for the new season

The first weekend of the Alpine and Nordic ski season will be remembered for fifth by Timmy Zajc, 18, old in Wisla of Poland.

Timi Zajc, the first name of Switzerland to & # 39; the first weekend of the world
Cup Cup: Nebojsa Tejic / STA
Timi Zajc, the first name of Switzerland to & # 39; the first weekend of the world
Cup Cup: Nebojsa Tejic / STA

The winner of the summer world series in ski slings, Rus Yevgeny Klimov, who also won yesterday at the separate World Cup competition in Wisla of Poland. The other was German Stephan Leyhe, and the third with the Japanese Ryoyu KobayashiShe is the musician ab & # 39; youth, a 18-year-old SSK Ljubno member, is the best one among Slovenian's needs Timi Zajc, who came up to a fifth to succeed in his career. He won the best 20st place for the second best Solo Anže LanišekIn the afternoon Klimov was already ahead after his first series, but after half of the competition, Timi Zajc was a quarter.

The Saturday team for Severn was unsuccessful. The home team made good use of the Poles – led by the Olympic winner Kamil StochomThe West made their case on the # 39; a whole competition of eleven teams. The Germans were the second one, b & # 39; The Austrians were the third one. Slouran took a seventeenth place with a huge backup.

The world's best sequences will continue with the weekend weekend in Kuusam Finland.

The Alpine ski team is the worst part of Silence Ski at this time. Just the youngest, Kranjska lanka, who is 20 years old despite a high level Goal Hrovat, who, as this time, has been the first female in the Finnish Levia who won the 12th place, this is the best accomplishment in this World Cup event. In continuing the season, it will help to improve its starting number. This time he was 33 years old. Another Gorenjka, Marusha Ferk, who took 20th place. Last year in Finland, Solo (ninth), Novogoričanka best Ana Bucik, despite the number of favorable beginnings of the route, it did not find the correct rhythm. In a very similar competition, the volunteers lost a tenth of a second.

American Mikaela Shiffrin she was once again a class for herself. Even in places in & # 39; The first ten old people have become popular. The second time was set by the Sackack Petra Vlhova and third in Austria Bernadette SchildSouth Westerly

There were slave men of yesterday at the ordinary heroes. The best Alpine captain for the last seven seasons, in Austria Marcel Hirscher, you did not let it shut. His first ambassador, Norway Henrik Kristofferson, this time also the second one. Competitors SK Dol Ajdovščina competitors were well Štefan HadalinHe was the eighteenth century in the rates as he was the best (he developed his situation after his / her first place for two places) ; he stated that he was able to move forward this year and to improve the still unhealthy starting number (this time 39). For the first time in his career, Štefan won points in the Finnish World Cup.

The Alpine World Cup will continue in North America next week. Canadian Lake Louis hostes the early control of people, and women's technical teams competing in the US Killington.

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