Two minutes and I played for Empoli … so it's still in Russia

Miha Mevlja lives in Russia where he is in protect the colors at St. Peterborough. Photograph: EPA

The club agrees loan the Slovenian football player, but the FIFA International Football Association refused its contract due to the delay in a & # 39; submit the documents.

It was all the last day of its move date in January agreed, even the recording of a football player in a while, and then due to technical difficulties with each broken fax. The documents came two minutes late, so Fifa refused.

This means it will be Mevlja, who was already for a number of weeks Empoli, he returned to his / her parent club, where he does not; count on now more. So, he will be one of the main national class guardians of the Slovenian team in valuable play time.

Mevlja a member of the Slovenian football team from 2016, he has been decorating his & her; Heraldry press 17 times, and once he went to the archer.

In Russia since 2016

Miha Mevlja, who started a professional career in Gorizia, had been in Russia since 2016, where he played for FC Rostov first, and as of August 31, 2017 he is a member of Zenit of St Petersburg. Peterborough. He played for the Russian Premier League in 29 matches in each competition.

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