Voice They build a cycling route

Kofja Loka In Loja Loaf, bicycle connection arrangements are arranged on a busy busy road. The Stari PetrolStari road Dvoreleznika postaTrata, in collaboration with the Infrastructure Directorate. In continuing on the Kidrieve road, on the section from Stari Dvori to Križ pri KGZ, they expect to rebuild the road with a curved pathway route on both sides on both sides, changing the bells and bus stops with a new station at Stari dvor and public light. The bicycle connection will then be arranged with a complex traffic position in the range of station coffees to town Trata through the railways without major interconnections built within the existing road & # 39 there already.

At this time, the design of the entire route is going on. With a public appeal to the contractors selected for Protim Rinik Perc, a contract was signed in the number of 62,000 euros, and the traffic organizer set up a preliminary design for the management of a regional road, and then prepared traffic arrangements on the road. The project will be completed next year. Construction works on the regional road along with the stations in the second half of the next year, the reconstruction of the road and the connection to the town Transit through the railway station until mid 2021. As they say in the town , co-financing of the European Union and the country with the sum of 483,000 barley.

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