We were protecting this product with the Croats together

Initially, Croatia was working independently, but after the agreement of Slovenia he was involved.

With the implementation of the implementation government today in the EU Official Journal, the European Commission has defended additional olive oil from Istria with an indication of original protection. The petition for oil oil protection was shared with Slovenia and Croatia together.

Protection is an original indication of causes to # 39; means that both agriculture and olive processing have been carried out within the Istria geographical area in Slovenia and Croatia, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

Initially the Crofts wanted independently

The procedure for the protection of this oil oil oil began in 2016, when the Commission published in the official European newspaper of Croatia to record the Istrian oil extra olive oil with protected origin name.

Slovenia opposed this responsibility since since 2007 the European Commission has protected the olive oil as well as an additional Istria Surveillance with an initial designation of protection and could record the production of Consumer crystals ahead of the original origin.

His / her President acknowledged the Slavic complaint and asked the two countries to negotiate.

During negotiations, Soviet and Croatian oil-oil agreements agreed to prepare a joint application for the protection of additional olive oil oil that was made in the Istria Slavovan and Cròite. Therefore, due to the agreement between Slovakian and Croatian oil oil makers, they put the place of Slovenia and Croatia to the European Commission for the protection of olive oil oil as well as Istria.

Olive oil is one of the stars at the Festival of flowers, wine and olive oil in Ankaran. (| Автор: Журнал24 main

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Istra oil is protected

In September 2018, the European Commission published a summary of this request again in the Official Journal of Europe. Since he did not receive any comments in the proposed bid within three months, he has also announced an additional gold olive oil recordation as "Istra" European Register of Divided Delegations of Original Origin and Protection.

Istria Oil is the 26th Slovenian fruit protected by the European Commission, and besides Hamstrian's time, another result protected by Croatia.

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