When the director costs 120 times more than his staff

There are 120 higher salaries of UK bank managers as their average-paid employees.

The highest UK directors are paid 120 times better than their normal salary staff. Due to the legacy of the law in terms of visibility and visibility visibility, salary data is now available publicly. The law was justified because of widespread wages in the British economy and strengthened their control, and writing ReutersSouth Westerly

The largest supporter in the UK Lloyds Banking Group he also has the largest salary division. Executive Director Antonio Horta-Osorio there are 169 more hours paid than those with the average salary, write a week ago in an annual report; company. On average, an executive of a bank maker with a salary is 118 times higher than a member of staff HSBC John Flint, which earns more than 5 million euros a year.

In addition to the annual report prepared by all data, banks next year will have to control the relationships between staff salaries.

Lloyd's Banking Group has already announced that it will increase the lowest wage in the company with almost 10% in April, which means that employees with a minimum salary & # 39; earning more than 20,000 euros per annum.

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