Who does not give up any disease or any kind

The Rodoski moved to Krčevina near Vurberg for 12 years. They have never been a lifeblood. Because all members have a disease, it is worse.

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Črtomir Groznik

The family is struggling with illness and very little income.

Family Rhodesfather, mother and son, The They spend their lives through the lowest salary, the father of Talis has retired, who ended in breaking, his mother is a disabled pensioner, a jobless son. He did not move to a small house but the peace needed recently in 2012, Drava revealed his teeth, the river grew up, the house put the house up to a & # 39; calcin, or did not cover it. In the bottom bottom there was water up to a height of 1.5 meters.

Try to help but you have no impact

After the flood, Municipality Ptuj (MO) attempted to protect from emerging new waters, with more floods on the road, which did not appear in the flood of October. The water got its way to the bottom again, and this time it severely damaged. The rest is without everything they are stored in bottom bottom, even without fuel, bullets, which were donated by a friendly neighbor Mateja there Rudi, because the day they burn in the oven.

With the help of the Ptuj of Social Work Centers (CSD), electric heating was set up several years ago to improve their life settings at least.

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Črtomir Groznik

That disaster is happiness in the future, whether it is now taking water on the housing part of the house. They were shown at the Ptuj Social Work Center and MO RK Ptuj.

The problem is not yet there

They are very difficult to host MO RK Ptuj Home Extensions Themes In the final section of the food, they believed that their ceilings had been put. Initially, try to solve the problem itself by building its & # 39; roof, but this did not work, so they would need help so that their health would not go down due to the water in the householding part.

President MO RK Ptuj informed CSD Ptuj and the Director for help Look at KerinSubsequently Representatives from the CSD or their colleagues displayed the situation and edited a plan for roofing. In CSD Ptuj, the account will be resolved in a number of amazing financial arrangements, which can be given once a year in accordance with the criteria. Rhodes is extremely grateful to be able to help them, because they can not do so. The Ptuj public service company had been taking care of a lounges room, long & in Rodoski's payment for the destruction of salons, which are not cheap. Recently, the house has also been secure, but this cost has also been difficult to handle. They are aware, however, that insurance also gives them more security for the future, when nationality is again.

"Gun Rozika Ojsteršek, we would not have been successful. We are very grateful to her, as well as SD Ptuj, that they came to our help when we needed most of it. I can think of how we should live if we wanted to keep the roof still. Mills of thanksgiving, « with great thanks, telling Father Rodosek, who would be very fortunate, just like his wife and son, if they could only solve their problems, without the help of overseas, and the rest to be healthy.

Every euro comes true

Rozika Ojsteršek says Rodosek's family is one of the worst social problems in MO Ptuj. Many people do not even know how many people in the area need continuous help. Around a hundred people need food aid all the time, including clothing and shoes. Food is divided four times a year, mostly from EU support, and purchases will be purchased from RK property. In the MO RK Ptuj, they say they are looking forward to all human help, every euro is right for people to help. So, they would want a fair share to be even more prosperous if there are more people who can help.

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