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Windows 7 users are counting the days!

Support for Windows 7 will only be carried out until January 14 next year.Support for Windows 7 will only be carried out until January 14 next year.

Company Microsoft it was clear that not all newer hardware would support support within the framework Windows 7, now that there are no contemporary challenges. In less than a year, users of the older system will still be without security arrangements. Free Windows 7 support will finish on 14 January next year. For companies that want to keep Windows 7 even after 2020, the refund will be available. It will be able to extend life to an outdated operating system until 2023, after which all computer systems will be left without security devices.

Because Windows 7 is free to attend, Microsoft asks Windows 10 to submit as soon as possible. This has been set up since July 2015 and has been installed to grow at the heart of many users at many developments. desktop computers and other devices. This is also why the operating system is operational Windows 10 latterly the head.

For Windows 7 operating system around 33.7% worldwide, Microsoft has decided what measure was expected. System users who have been moving towards a communicative message will soon have to be urgently promoted onto the system as and when they are chatting. experts, to a better system for Windows 10. it is expected that this will be displayed much more frequently because normal users live without security arrangements as they will be in January 14 of the following year, and there will be a allowed without permission online.

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