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Branko Vujovic's a & # 39; The first keeper of Celje Pivovarna Lasko has seven goals. Photograph: www.alesfevzer.com

The first half was given to Celjani by 10: 9, and in the second half Celje's machine began to be on the ground. At the end they went to. marks the benefit of nine goals (30:21). Photograph: www.alesfevzer.com

Spectators, who had a 5,500 collection, were able to enjoy the handball scene. Photograph: MMC RTV SLO / Aleš Vozel

Celjane's important influence

November 18, 2018 at 16:49,
Last Intervention: November 18, 2018 at 18:59

Celje Pivovarna Laško's handheld players are one of the most important trials in a group of league crawls in the Zlatorog full of excellence. The everlasting campaigns, the Zagreb team, were very angry (30:21).

The teams met for the second time in a short time – at the end of the week, Celje fans in Zagreb were suspended from 24:22, this time again, the Zagreb ever-expanding campaigns have to get involved completely.

This is an important benefit to Celjane, when they return to places that have a huge impact on them in the eighth final, but the road to the stunning feet is even through.

Celje's influence was achieved with hard defense and an effective and imaginative attack, which was the rivalry of the second half.

Strong and equal fighting in the first half
It was anticipated that the first half was very strong and equal, and Celjani, who also benefited three goals (10: 7), disappeared with little benefit (10: 9).

Celje's machine started to err
The second half of Celjani was officially opened, 14:10. The guests of Lino Červar Coach were to take a break. But this did not help it, as the Celje team can not stop now.

After Celemov Klemen Ferlin, a goalkeeper left for a second visit for the second time after each other, Celjani managed to benefit six goals (18:12). Increase the leadership, after another Ferlin's visit from a distance away, Celjani guided six goals (22:14). After a really successful 53 minute Celjani got the highest win (25:16). The question about the winner was so close. The guests returned behind in the last few minutes, but Celje's fans again made the highest difference in the nine goals (30:21).

The Celje team is the most effective Branko Vujović seven and Tilen Kodrin six goals.

Celjanke out
Z & # 39; Dežele performers finished their shows on the international stage. After Sunday's Sunday, Boden 27:27, on the last round of Sweden on the third round of the Cup of Europe, the challenge fell from 28:39 (14 : 22). The Celje team played the two games in Scandinavia.


GROUP B, 8th round

30:21 (10: 9)

Celje Pivovarna Laško: Panjtar, Ferlin 2, Vujović 7, Jurečič 2, Malus 2, Kljun, Kosec, Razgor, Ovniček 5, Šarac, Nenadić 1, Accambray 3, Kodrin 6, Horžen, Anić, Bećiri 2.

Zagreb: Ristanović, Kastelic 1, Mrakovčić, Božić Pavletić 4, Kontreč 2, Burić 1, Sršen 2, Horvat 5, Šušnja, Potočnik 2, Ravnić 2, Qerimi 2, Mandić, Hrstić, Bičanić, Vekić.

Sevenmeters: 1/2; 3/5.
Eislaintean: 12 minutes; 6 mins.
5,500 spectators.

33:33 (14:15)
Sostaric 4, Bombac 2, Gaber 1; Grebenc 1.

23:27 (13:12)

Like this, PARIS SG
20:27 (9:12)

Order: PSG 16, Pick Szeged 13, Nantes 7, Flensburg, Skjern and Celje after 6, Zagreb and Zaporozhje after 5.

GRUA A, 8th round

31:26 (16:12)
Captain 1 for Montpellier.

36:27 (20:15)
Mačkovšek 3, Gajić 2, Blagotinšek 1.

34:31 (17:15)
Janc 6; Razgor 5.

34:26 (16:15)
Dolenec 1; Scouts 2.

Order: Barcelona 14, Kielce 12, Rhein NL and Vardar 10, Veszprem 8, Meškov Brest 4, Montpellier and Kristianstad 3.

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