Slovenian fans were waiting for Ilko Štuhec to load gold in Zagreb


Slavic alpine skiing at the World Championship is getting elegant plants, first, Ilka Štuhec won the gold medal of flies, and Štefan Hadalin with mixed silver. A Gold Expression of Areya returned and welcomed loyalists at its airport in Zagreb, as well as representatives from the SZS and the media.

Ilka Stuhets After a great festival and winning the gold medal at the ski test in Areju, left in Sweden and finished the competition with exhibitions at the World Championship. Maribor is already focusing on the following World Cup benefits, and so she & she; returning for a short time in her Maribor, where she intends to frighten the Queen of Skuka, then to her; waiting for the season in Switzerland Crans Montana, as the hugely popular season in the globusa crystalline season.

In fact, Maribor's citizens are almost not waiting for a big show where they can "move down" to the campaigns, but they have to wait a little longer. About half dozens of Stuhcev traveled to Zagreb airport in a training company and a productive expert, and waited for her by loyal fans. Štuhč's last ideas in front of our cameras at Zagreb airport. But in Maribor, however, it will not be long, tomorrow is a day to rest, and on Wednesday it will go on. The quiz season will end but on the # March 17, and it's a time to try to Maribor.

Ilka Štuhec had reached the Zagreb airport with good gold products.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

Before the journalist's microphone Matica Flaisman they disappeared Ilka Stuhets, geneticist Anja Sesum and trainer Greek KoštomaySouth Westerly"It was a lot of time, there was not much time, it was necessary to pack, I think that's all coming. I did not look at the welcome cards, people who & # 39; make a complaint, they support me, thank everyone. I am extremely grateful to them. A much more normal working day, "He was glad at his mouth, as he always was, said Stuhcev among other things, he was full of his conversation in the video.

Kostomaj Coach said:"There were lots of reviews, preparing for this game, the main Ilka was on the road, it's been a book trip. We're in the mind of the next games, in mind There is a small crystal form in the cup of the world. For such things we live, we work and It is a testament to all of us that Ilka has. I believe in Ilkino's bicycling power, it demonstrates and demonstrates how good it is when it's important. I'm grateful, it's a motivation to keep going on. "

Štuhčeva was waiting for family members and congratulations to her; b & # 39; The airport is also the most loyal and media fans. President of Alpine skiing industry Iztok Klančnikand Director of the SZS Franci Petek Ilko waited for her and gave her flowers.

Stuhcev's family members were waiting at her & # 39; aerial and loyal fans.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

Despite this, the 28-year-old Slovenian skier is the only one in history, who has defended the world's premier title. Her role was markedly lacking, but the skipper came back hard every time, because she never stopped believing for a few minutes. The Areju concert began with the eighth place in the massive slalom, which continued with the 10th place in Alpine mixing (the second round of the jungle), and then it would cost it up to the influence of skiing.

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