SLS won most of the county chairs


Most of the parties are satisfied with the results of local elections, some of which are & # 39; count on another tour

The SLS won the parliament to most of the county chairs. Picture: BoBo

"The published products already show that more votes will be thrown for SDS in general in Slovenian, the whole government consortium in those elections," said Janez Janša . Picture: BoBo

Židan says that it will have been a better result this year than it has been four years ago. Picture: BoBo

Alenka Bratušek wants more electorate electors to take part in the local elections. Picture: BoBo

Political parties are largely satisfied with the results of local elections, President SD Dejan Jidan is still hopeful in front of the second tour, they will promise in the SMC that all local votes are awarded to the benefit of each , and in Levica they are more satisfied because it was screened in some towns.

688 applicants and candidates participated in the city chairs, 298 were elected by the support of voters, or were voted as independent candidates. The remaining supporters were supportive of political parties, with the majority of candidates in the & # 39; town council, 80 of which came from SDS, 58 supported by SD, and seven supported by SLS.

Most of the SLS county chairs won
According to the current data, it won its & # 39; Most of the SLS Parliament's unusual party tunnel chairs, who received seabirds in 23 towns, and after the elections, the number of town councilors will have at least a third. "This is a difficult time behind us, we believe it is a great benefit and a better product than the most optimistic hopes," said SLS President Marjan PodobnikSouth Westerly

The SLS has a good benefit in excellent work at a local level, and at the same time it is taken as an incentive to move the level from the area to a national level "This approach is accountable, co-operative and successful"South Westerly

Jewish is still hopeful
The result of local elections was not SD bankrupt. Although just for now there are only some known outcomes, SD President Leave Jidan still hopeful.

"They show that there are out of the 80 masters who have already been elected, 15 of them are coming from the SD quota, and in previous elections , 212 out of 212 branches 20 or 21. So, we have a better result, " he said.

The SDS looks forward to good features
In the first round, SDS received chairs in the area. President of the party Janez Janša as an advanced evaluation of electors is slightly higher, and the SDS also looks forward to good signs that come from throughout Slovenia.

"The published results already show that more votes are cast for SDS only in the election only in Slovenia, rather than for government co-operation to whole " Janša noted and stressed that the Marjan Šarac List, although he was to run the country, get less than two hundred percent of support in the country.

Tonin: "All the worries we got really happy "
As the data currently shows, there are nine new masters; come from the type of NSi. "Every factor we received was very happy," the boy said to her party Matej Tonin and said that many of the candidates were rated in the second round. Compared to local elections in 2014, they have already developed their result, as they have got six custodians at the time. "But, it shows the NSi is on the right track and that our hard work is long-term," he said. He believes that people work largely dependent on the outcome of the successful election.

In local elections, in some cases, power was combined with SDS and SLS parties. "In those local elections, we agree to try to find a common language with the highest number of guardians," He stressed him and warned him "the unlikely appearance of a lesser chance has succeeded"South Westerly

Cerar: We will work for the benefit of all
In SMC, where, according to president's party Look at Cerar in the local elections, with two goals, that is "to maintain a strong position in the towns where we have been active in the last four years, and the destruction of the cities, which failed in the preceding order", they appear to have won two constituents in the area.

Cerar was convinced that all votes were awarded by the "for the benefit of all, including those who did not vote for us "South West In some towns there are SMC accounts for another visit. The most important fight for the seaman chairman will be held in Maribor on 2 December, where the SMC candidate Aleksander Saša Arsenovič he moved by Maribor's Admiral Franc KanglerSouth Westerly

DESUS: "We'll try for another tour "
According to unofficial results of local elections, DeSUS, town and saint councilors in most of the towns of DeSUS, stress the party reception Karl ErjavecSouth Westerly "We expect, as opposed to other parliamentary parties, according to the number of town or town councils, we will take place on a quarter or a fifth," says Erjavec. DeSUS won one of the seabirds, in the home of Starše, the candidate Bojan Kirbiš, who has been running a & # 39; town since 2010, has been identified.

"We wait for another visit. We are also happy for the independent media that does not run for their party, but with the help of different parties. There are many to We have supported us and have got enough votes in the first round, some of them For example, we supported Kranj for the second round Matjaž Rakovec, a member of the SD, but DeSUS supported him, " Erjavec reported the results to date.

Sharets: "We are looking forward to each product"
The understanding of local devolution is under the leadership of its Prime Minister and President of the LMŠ Marjan ŠarecSouth Westerly "I will do everything to ensure that local self-government is deceived that it will live and that towns can also work," He said and how important it is that this is a # 39; First Prime Minister with experience in the Prime Minister, as this is an important knowledge. Šarec stayed for the first round of the first tour in Kamnik, where she was He supported the candidate for a LMŠ and a sub-candidate Igor ŽavbijaAfter Post 60 percent of responsible votes, Žavi will be rated in the second tour, in which he will fight with the NSi candidate and Deputy Chief Executive Kamnik at the moment Matej SlaparSouth Westerly

"We look forward to all the results we will achieve," said Sharec. In the work of his marker at the head of Kamnik, whichever is, Šarec does not expect to block him. His / her chief work is to work with all the schoolmaster, he stressed.

In Levica, they are satisfied with the cities of peace
According to the data so far, in the first round, no one of the captain's chairs were won in Levica, where ten local candidates participated in the local elections. According to party tag-co-ordinator Violet Tomić but they are dissatisfied with the cities of the sanctuary, for now they show some of them have been doubling in some towns. According to current data, the applicants won slightly less than two hundred percent or less than 40 councils.

"It's not a busy party overnight as a star and soon to abolish it, but we are a built-up worker; The fact that voters also acknowledge that we have the same option as the politicians and the same party to date, is that the CD-ROM works for all, " said Violeta Tomic.

SAB: The votes are always right
The current output of local elections also has a & # 39; shows that OSBs will take nine mandates in town councils, and there are no major cities. President of the SAB Аленка Братушек in a news report that thanked everyone who went to the polls, notably those who voted for their candidates and their party's list.

She stressed that the result of the elections in the SAB has not been disappointed, since voters are always right. However, she asked a higher voter.

Jelincic: "A big result because we have not been in the USA for seven years"
They will not even be disappointed in the NHS, where they can get 15 town councilors. "This is a good result because we have not been in the United States for seven years and that we were a party in the ban of full media," the NHS chairman said the results Zmago JelincicSouth Westerly

The NHS, who did not win any cow's seat, supported the SDS Logar candidate in Ljubljana, who did not leave the second round. Despite this, the Jelinic word output shows, "voters in Ljubljana are increasingly aware of"South Westerly

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