Small parts, the secret to control your weight


For change, there is good news at the beginning of the year if it is about to die: the last book Full, finally Slim (finally, last stone), which has a firm and reliable approach to weight loss, recently published.

Unlike the adults of debt even while still not; stops growing in plants of many men and women, especially in the United States, the book written by Lisa R. Young, a registered restaurant, an expert is in control in the control The proportions and Professor of Nutrition at the University of New York, promoting diet, but a way of thinking about food.

It is a method that can be adapted to any life, even though it's something; Most of the food is made or removed. It is not ordered or a & # 39; banned: it does not destroy any department of food, such as carbohydrates and fat, or a. eliminate people of their favorite foods, including sweet foods.

In addition, he works. I know for more than fifty years ago, I lost 18 kilometers in two years by using a Young way and I also stayed from then on to # 39 ; feed or give myself confidence. In this way, I can eat wild and nutritious foods, and I can often take part in ice cream: half cup, which has 150 or less ports.

Attention is not at the most important point on what we eat and more than what we eat from all foods, whether they are considered healthy or not.

This is one reason why I am worried about the changes that have been implemented in the United States about how a proportion will be measured, because people can eat too much after they follow that guidance. For better or worse, the Food Education and Inspection Act of the USA requires that the dimensions specified on the nutritional information leaflets show current consumption methods: what number of people do eating instead they should eat. Because the Americans now get a lot more of the most of their food than they did; Three decades ago, increasing the proportion of food labels will increase accordingly.

So, for example, a section of ice cream that has been identified for several decades because half a cup has risen to two thirds of a cup. A portion of soda, for a long time is estimated at 250 milliliters, now 355 milliliters. It is the good news that the burns from that portion now appear on the label in bold letters so that people can be able to; avoid an accident by simply looking at how much calories they would do; spend.

If you want to lose or stop it, it would be good if you knew how big the healthy part of different types of food was and that it would consider foodstuffs; usually for one person as a service for two or more.

Young expresses – and I agree – that it is much more advanced to prepare and write. Most of the food at home, because we know what; in them and what he gets into our plague. In fact, it is better to reduce the size of your appliances to the size of the amount of salad, as you can save up to 600 calories per min. Use measurement cups to provide central installments so that you can properly calculate them without using them. It would also be a good idea to invest in a kitchen scale that allows you to go to # 39; Use 85 to 115 grams of meat, chicken or fish constantly.

I know you've heard this, but it's not hurt again: fill half or more of your plate with carb-carb, such as broccoli, fragile mill, spiral, green pins, curanan and shoe Print E-mail, and make a service for yourself by just splitting clothes. Limbs of stalked vegetables, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes (cooked, no fries), although grain (full, unfinished) should not exceed half a cup or cup.

Many people are aware of how often or how often they eat.

Young encourages people to "get rid of their fear of carbohydrates – if you order the right kind of language in the right amount , they will not do enough. " Typically Write Full: "Make sure you are satisfied and give you nutrients of nutrients to fight a fight." But be aware of large bullets, whether or not all grain is, because they are equivalent to six calories of bread.

Many people are aware of how often or how often they eat. Keep a food diary in which we are logging for more and less in the week of everything we do; use and where we enable it to help identify when consuming or over-consuming and how it is related to your feelings and situations.

Be aware of "nutrition halos": foods that are considered healthy but full of calories, even if they come from healthy growth. A friend who moved to California took 11 kilos a year by eating avocados from the tree tree tree, for example. A quarter cup is a correct service of avocado, similar to nuts and nut-crocodone.

Young and I both recognize the dangers of when we feel they are prepared for a special meal, even though they are not as good for our health. When I was involved in losing 18 kilometers, I ate some day-to-day treats – a few spices of ice cream, a cookie, a portion of unexpected bread or a cake of cake or cake – to & # 39; Avoid trying to get rid of me a whole cake or litter of ice cream in one sitting.

Young praises to & # 39; Include "candy and sweets" a few days a week into your meal plan, even though every day does not try to lose weight. Although Sylvia R. Karasu, a clinical clinic of Weill Cornell Medicine's psychiatry, also appears in her new book of Epidemic Components: Expanded Edition 2019 that it is good to keep those people -mach of sight, though not completely out of reach.

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