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The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korean Labor Convention will agree an industrial agreement to support self-employed staff insurance at Seoul Town Hall on the 13th.

The social security network agreement is expected to strengthen the owners of small businesses which threaten a living after the industry closes. They also share the administrative information needed to support employment subsidies. T small businesses and self-employed staff and support employment subscription.

For example, a minor employee with a standard wage of 1 & 5 per cent must pay a first paid wage of 49,50 per month.

Meanwhile, the market marketing organization, small business, has been working on a small-scale private insurance project since last year to rehabilitate small scale business insurance for small business owners and replace them t blind of social safety. In the last two years, the company provides up to 50% of its average employment prices to small businesses of 1 to 2 employees for up to two years, but for the actual level of staff insurance. T unaccompanied (0.8%) for single- The target time is forecast to be considerably extended and the period of support from this year to reflect the problems faced by poor management.

The support target will initially be extended to 1 ~ 4 levels. 50% of small businesses are 1-2 levels, and 30% of small businesses with 3-4 levels get paid on their job price. The subsidy period also extends from the previous two years to three years, including the social security security from small business owners to be integrated and make a greater contribution. largest.

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