Smart Antenna is the newest IPTV that offers 70 programs for CZK 100


The new IPTV behind Digi TV is Smart Antenna. It is notable that it offers seventy-long televisions for the monthly payment of 100 CZK. This is a very strong offer. It also includes features such as broadcast, HD advertising and skipping adverts.

Smart Antenna is a new IPTV from TV Digi

Iveta Šlapalová, DIGI TV Director of Customer Services

“In DIGI TV, we can see the internet as a future TV antenna. Turning to television over the simple internet and providing the services and comfort that viewers do not recognize with the reception is through a classical antenna. In particular, the seven-day archive of broadcasts, which allows television viewers to rely on the television program, means a high quality movement. At the same time, audiences receive twice as many TV channels in terrestrial television. ”

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Internet TV increasingly the word. This is largely the result of a forthcoming change to DVB-T2 broadcasting standards. In the past, we have focused on a number of IPTV (Watching TV, Better TV, Kuki, O2 TV) because it offers a fascinating TV opportunity to watch the phone, tablet or even TV. Android. Now another man is adding to it.

smart guptv antenna

Novinka Smart antenna it is for new customers now low priceWest Look – But look out for that price CZK 100 each month is valid when the contract expires for two yearsPost-The price includes the ability to play from the archive. And that's it 7 days ago and the ability to view TV four toolsYou only have to link to the IPTV and users can be seen anywhere in the EU.

What programs does a Smart Antenna offer?

Of course, the most important thing is which programs you get for CZK 100 each month. There is a station Czech Television, Nova, Prima BarrandovPost-It also requires a TV List. FilmBox, DUCK TV, TUTY HD. Sports fans will enjoy Arena Sport 1, Arena Sport 2 and free for half a year DIGI Sport 2 HDPlease see the full offer on the drawings below.

Do you use IPTV? If so, who is the provider?

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