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Sberbank Serbia has launched a 100% Smart Cash Line. This is a particular result of the Serbian market, as clients have access to the Internet and mobile banks. T

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In less than 5 minutes and with 0% of photographs, Sberbank customers are able to choose the desired loan, go through the approval process, sign up to the online document and sign up to t paid for on any platform, whether it's an internet bank or a mobile bank. on the Serbia market.

Thanks to Sberbank, it is now possible to borrow up to 360,000 dinars, with a pay up to 36 months, all without a paper or going to the bank. The whole process is fully digitized and therefore enhanced for the client, his needs and respect for his time.

Sberbank Serbia has turned its customers and developed consumer experience in banking work through extensive digital transformation and efficiency improvements. We always try where the client is, in the way that it is suitable for the client, who currently uses simple, reliable digital products and services. Smart's loan lending continues to meet the needs of users and allows them to borrow loans when they want to and where they want to, without coming to the bank and without paper documents, t equivalently on Serbia market, through the internet and mobile banking. In this way, Sberbank Serbia is confirming its position as a digital bank, the innovator, responding to the needs of users, depending on the time we live. – Velimir Stanojevic, director of the Sberbank digital banking department.

Over the last six years, what has been working in our market, Sberbank Serbia has confirmed that it is a modern, effective and innovative bank which provides the best practice through the channels t digital equipment, as well as a unique digital offer. It gives customers a range of benefits, while Smart Cash Loan is 100% one of the most recent in this bank's offer.

Find out more about the bank's website: SberSmartKes

Just provide the required funding with 0% of the cinema in 5 minutes only!

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