Smart houses: from San Telmo to the world – 11/25/2018


ABB, surname Asea Brown Boveri, many people with a headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and has been with us for almost a hundred years with electric appliances and all kinds of accommodation. The Brazilian José Paiva, who says, is to attack her; a nice dog, which says, despite the crisis, that they are; 2018 closing their sales as they are in 2017, which have a further indication of how good a renewable energy is, where they are; generating generators, and latest investments in technology are coming out.

But The big tale is at her; The company has its operating range of Argentine engineers who have designed healthy goods These include robots, computing and computer handling systems and automatic motorcycle trucks. After three were implemented by Molinos, another one with Telefona, where a robot that was christened for YuMi, and others with Mondelez and McCain, was the most important thing those that they prepared for YPF. It is the warehouse for a & # 39; behaviors and specialization with ten automatic motors.

With that background, ABB worldwide has made the technology made at San Telmo headquarters for the world. There are other exporter technologies in their two local business plants, one in Valentin Alsina and the other in Tucuman. In Valentin Alsina they will make and go. extracting middle voltage cells and control systems and process drives for the rest of Latin America. And from the Tucumán plant, they will distribute the division with all kinds of switches. But one of the smallest components of ABB identifier is an expert robot in collecting lines for the automotive industry. They have 1,300 involved in the manufacturing processes of 70% of cars made in Argentina.


As it comes to 2019, the policy brings together different crew figures. So on Wednesday evening, the witnesses were surprised to see José de Mendiguren, the union craft Julio Piumato, Julio Bárbaro and the old leader of the company. Media, Aldo Pignanelli, at the same record at Edelweiss's traditional. At the end they put a loud voice that the country will be successful Dead Cow. And Mendiguren and Piumato, the two silent helpers of the Idea Communication, told others that the 2018 version was one of the most difficult people.

New life

An new lifelong life It is one of the driving forces in economies of developed countries. The result is rising the number of elderly people is full. In Argentina, 25% of the population are over 50 years old – over 11 million – and that ratio will increase 3 points in 2030, according to INDEC. Of those, 6.8 million are over 60 years of age.

According to Alicia Moszkowski, the first man who created and created the shop culture in the 90's in the country, "in the last decades, they got over 30 years of life, and we & # 39; see that previously withdrawn personalities continue to take full action and to propose new ways of doing lifelong life. However, our society is still ruled, on structured and depicted by realistic frameworks of the last century, and a third of their lives live in what is known as retirement or retirement. The new longevity means there is a change to the "part".

Moszkowski gives Argentina him Aging2.0, a global network of 25,000 people whose innovation orientation is at the heart of technology, older age and elderly care. "The aim is to influence the lives of older people, who connect, support and support innovators in a technological form with each subject, related to this section, "it's a? defined by the aim of this section of the economy that has just been born in the country. Aging2.0 includes one of the first activities Find out the innovations made by local companies for that sector.

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