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"Prae" Watani Pattama Sing The famous photographer Ayutthaya and the Surachai photographer Sangsuwan. Join the publication East & Seas Telephone tweed The object is a fashion object. With Ultra Night mode, people like to go to; nightclubs. A concept that catches the night

Oppo R17 Pro is officially launched in Thailand

Oppo R17 Pro

OPPO (Oppo) Smart phones have been getting better experience for people in Thailand for more than 10 years and have been bored; The second largest telephonic market in Thailand for the third quarter of 2018 (data provided by Canalys market research company). Organizer "OPPO R17 Delivery Event & A; night and night"Launch of a new smartphone. East & Seas (Oppo SR17 Pro) with beautiful design, interesting jewelery. I can also identify and identify the identity of the user. The 3D rearview mirror has a light and depressing motion around her & # 39; body with two pages that look forward. Radiant smoke The degree of dark blue and light pole. Reflection on how mentally; is Changkhui and her beautiful beauty. Emerald Green In dark green He is trustworthy, calm and insignificant, showing a very defensive exhibition of OPPO R17 Pro.

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There are also strategies. Especially the Ultra Night mode that catches light at night. To keep all the information clear every time. Submit each picture with the Seize the Night concept, which can create more beautiful pictures as professional photographs. Chanchon Jirayakul, Deputy Chief Executive, Thai Opto Ltd. Showing the unique features that have been developed to meet customer needs really. "Prae" Watani Pattama Sing Na Ayutthaya Designer of VATANIKA brand famous and Surachai Sangsuwan There are many professional designers who have pictures, fashion and advertising enough. Divide your design knowledge. Main attendants to attend the event. Tuesday November 27th at A Topoft Top Floor, 38th Floor, Queen's Resort & Spa Bangkok, Queens Park Mark Sukhumvit 22 In the atmosphere after sunset. For the honorable guests to consider and record Bangkok's nightlife. Your city never has a & # 39; to sleep Through the eyes of OPPO R17 Pro

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Chanchon Chirau, Former Chair of the Management, Thai Opto Limited "Over the last 10 years, Oppo has been developed to meet the unmet needs of applications, this year Oppo has delivered a number of innovative smartphones to the market, including to launch OPPO Find X with Stealth technology. 3D Camcorders or Modern Games that make their First World Moving Car And Oppo is delighted Complete the 2018 year with the OPPO R17 Pro, which incorporates 3D TOF 3D technology technology that creates 3D models and shows the method Ultra Night. A main 12-megapixel camera has an opening. F1.5 / F2.4 with Ultra-Clear AI Tool to make sharp images and also OIS anti-vibration. Making nightmap easier and more equitable.

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To move your lifestyle with SuperVOOC Flash Charge for the first time by & # 39; using rapid battery uptake. Can you cut up to 40% in just 10 minutes! The OPPO R17 Pro also comes with an 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset for smooth running. The game is not as small as heavy as it is. It is still missing.

Previously, Oppop fans on video have a special campaign spread by beautiful photographers. "Prae" Watani Pattama Sing Na Ayutthaya VATANIKA new agent agent Appearing the importance of # 39; s who is going to choose a lovely man on her & # 39; favorite phone: "When you buy something. Looks, colors and features are very important. I do not like to wait. I think that's worthwhile value. I would like to take time to make the most of the SuperVOOC Flash Oppo work to take more time to work. Responding to creative activity is responsive. We have access to the Museum In Venice, Italy at night, there are plenty of smartphones that take a good night on the hand, which gives us a great inspiration. Because of the light between day and night. their thoughts are not the same. "

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Get the most out of the OPPO R17 Pro Smart mobile phone with innovative features TOF 3D Camera Night Snap Night with Ultra Night Mode Learn the Super Flash VOOC with two funny pages. Who's colors & # 39; radiant smoke and color Emerald Green New Price Fashion 24,990 Baht Order Now From November to November 30 and start to distribute by retailers. OPPO Brand Nationwide Store From 1 December onwards.

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An OPPO Premium Premium service can be changed immediately if the device has problems. More information. Do not update your Facebook activities: And YouTube:

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