Smer Lajcak's headman, a dreamer did not answer the priority


The Management Day will be held on 8 December in Trencin.

November 2018 at 15:46 TASR

Bratislava. The appointment of Smer's annual meeting, held on 8 December in Trenčín, will affect the chairman of his chairman. Tuesday party.

According to its members, the remarkable National Council meeting had not been resigning by Andrej Danko (CSS), President of the Parliament, threatened that the Minister for Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak (named Smeru) was sent away or Wednesday (21 November).

Former President of the Party and First Minister Peter Pellegrini called the Bureau for technical purposes.

"We talked about the dream and the second about the budget of our party for 2019. We will discuss the political situation, leadership of our party in 2019 and the election arrangements," said a member of the headquarters, Sitting and Interior Minister Denisa Sakova.

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She also confirmed that the settlement did not talk about a party president's candidate, and she did not expect to hear the name.

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Lajčá said on Tuesday he does not want to be part of the political struggle inside. He said that the debate on accommodation for the Global UN Company on Migration is an attempt to get political points. He did not get rid of his job impossible.

"Again, I want to say clearly that I do not expect migrants to take to Slovakia, although the document does not guide it." My position is on the well-known immigration policy, there are three years consistent, and that someone is in a position; break and deceive me, because there is a machine or some races, which are larger than Kotleba na Kotleba, I have nothing to do, "he said.

He reminded the ministers that government talks have made people from effective countries.

"When we agreed to point 12, I drew my attention to colleagues that we have just accepted a document on regulated migration, regulated, valid and safe. They did not return to & # 39, because they would be as opposed to the debate as well as this debate against common peace, "said Lajčák.

Pellegrini is hoping that politicians will agree on Wednesday (21 November) the National Council's Foreign Council on how Schoacco will explain its accommodation regarding the Global UN Compact.

The words of a Foreign Minister on Lajcak are in charge of their position; It could be amazing, but he thinks it's an amazing situation.

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