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Marco Bellavia alla Balivo: jokes Paola Barale and Gianni Sperti

I, Marco Bellavia come to Caterina Balivo: "Paola Barale and Gianni Sperti mean …"

ROME – Marco Bellavia in the studio a Come to me talking about success and also tells a humorous story for Caterina Balivo. The actor had a story with Paola Barale, but when he was giving away she made a joke with Gianni Sperti. Bellavia, who came to be Steve of Kiss eg Licia in the nineties, was a doctor of little girls but then chose to change her life.

With a Balivo interview, Bellavia spoke about his television success: "How was I when I was young? I was quite quite shy about this job. The TV came because they had searching for a man who resembled Steve from "Love me Licia", the reel for Kiss me Licia ". Then something changed: "I was lazy and walked away from the curve. So I stopped, but then there are lots of other things I have thought. to TV ”.

The actor also brings a little background in his life: "I came home to attack me; I had to hide the car because they left me expressing a love." He then tells the story with Paola Barale: "I left the bike at his house and played a trick on it. We stayed together, so I had another house." She produced a film by Gianni Sperti, just her friend at the time, and did it for me a few months, and then discovered the bike.

Now he is thrilled with the Elena, the Filippo in 2007: "It's a great, fun and intelligent boy". To find out how she met in her place, Elena said: “He sent me on Facebook, but I was involved. My old party took me away from social media, so when I went away I went back to social media and sent it back to me. "Come to me)

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