Smoke & grass & # 39; cost him a lot: Nasa over security in SpaceX


The Nasa spawner will explore the security in two companies – SpaceX and Boeing, whose contract is for delivering astronauts to the International Speech Center (ISS).

The research framework, which is going to take place for several months, will host hundreds of interviews with staff in companies. We would like to assess the general culture and safety of the workplace, Nasi explained. The reason for the research, which starts next year, is that the behavior of SpaceX's founder is unsuitable Elona MuskaMore detailed: featured in a radio show where you smoke and marijuana with the director and whiskey.

They will investigate everything, "which could affect security"and whether businesses include a drug-free environment requirement, and writing The Washington PostPost-Office Although they did not officially confirm in Nasi that they had decided to investigate the Use of their Big Tweed from Infectious Materials, there are a number of staff who have a " Group has confirmed as an officer.

Jim Bridenstine Nasa said that her organization wants to ensure that she is confident; public, especially since companies are preparing the first commercial trips with human teams for the coming year. "If I see something that is not appropriate, my main concerns are what the background culture has made and whether Nasa is involved,"said Bridenstein."As an organization we simply do not represent ourselves, but also our contract partners. We have to look to the American citizen when we put the astronomers in the rocket, they are safe,"he said. He said that culture and leadership began at the roof.

In SpaceX, they stressed "A company-made room program with a main objective of the company"and will take full responsibility of the work that NASA has given them – to safely attack US to and from the International Speys Station." A & # 39; The company has been working closely with Naso for many years and "actively promote workplace safety", and also stressed that they have a very strict policy on drug-free work.

Boeing also said that their business culture "Ensure the integrity, safety and quality of materials, people and the work environment".

Its population and investors have been in a position; disturbing behavior again

On the other hand, Musk has already "paid" for contamination and hacking. Just a few hours after the actor Joe Rogan In September he hosted his studio and gave him at least a whiskey glass, the Tesla sections fell, and his company had a value of around three million barley.

Given that this was falling in the spectacular series of Musko public scenes, the day after her; broadcasting, two staff in Tesla took over his post.

Then Musk had to resign his position from the Tesla office in the early November due to controversial tweeting, but he is still the Chief of the company. More recently, company shares have expanded.

In the last few months, Twitter has caused a cave awakening as well as its population and investors Vernon Unsworth, who criticized the sea boat that was developed by Musk. Diver who helped to rescue 12 teenagers from Thailand and the football coach from a cave with water in Thailand, Muska is a Expected for 64,000 euros good because he attacked him and referred to as a pet.

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