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The English Smokie bandwidth plays in Bratislava.


Smokie's famous group will return to Bratislava. Fo The Symphony Tour 2018, Danubia Orcastra Óbuda, a director of Péter Drucker, will play at the National Tennis Center on November 29 with the Symphony of Hungarian Orcast concert.

"In 1975 we recorded the second album with the help of the Symphony Orchestra
in the Paris opera, it was a great experience to us. I like that
co-operate when growers are going to get to & # 39; move to move on & # 39; bone and its
says Terry Uttley (67), founding member and guitar player. "It's a & # 39;
Probably by drinking whiskey as real trees, "he says.

A concert is being prepared in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Shape
They are delivered by Media Media and AV Media. "We're really delighted
the FP PRO organizer came together. Smokie sme koncerty
we have made a fantastic look on the platform that includes a & # 39; best of it
light appliances, large scale projections and, indeed, above
audio device. There are also concerts with the Symphony Orchestra
always with good experience. We are very enjoyable and we are really awesome
We will enjoy our work with the Smokie and Danubia Óbuda Orchestra
look, "said Kamil Kružík, director of Rentalpro.

At the concerts there are 29 songs in symphonic versions,
twenty of them give Smokie and nine Japanese pop-ups,
who will be a special guest at the concert. Preparing songs to symphonic
Music and Clips Submit Similar Artists, Official Links Tracks (1) Sort by Last Played on BBC Most Played on BBC Péter Drucker Born:
director of all the concerts The Symphony Tour 2018.

The start of the Smokie group dating back to 1965 when they were at the sports hall
In English, Bradford, a group led by singer Chris Norman, was created.
His company changed its name several times in the mid 1970s
to choose the Smokie name. In the first years of being there, they worked
in small clubs. Soon the people started to grow up. Ann
1975, young producers Nicky Chin's influential producer saw and passed over

In the same year, they released their first album, Pass It Around and set them out
Singles If you think you know how to call and not; Play for Rock & Roll To
Me. As long as they are, Smokie has released more than two dozen studio books
Effects like the next living door Ri Alice, Oh Carol, Needle and Pensions,
I'll meet you at midnight, and lie in a man's army, wild wild birds
or a Musical Girl, which has grown considerably.

As well as the band in the old Czechoslovakia, where they played for a & # 39; first time
In 1983, it also shows that some of their songs are covered
versions, for example, Alice in the Wonderland by Karlašoš no Siabann
The prince in the work of Václav Neckář.

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