Smoking is pregnant with child and smoking in bad and dangerous children


Both smoking and passive smoking affect the health of children, pregnant women and their growth.

At the Smoking Day Smoking International Day, the Public Health Service in the Slovak Republic is a " identify this truth. PSmoking from Asian, eg show that the cigarette smoke should be taken, people should not be considered sufficiently. Feathertop that means a health hazard is important for non-habitats; smoking.

Passive smoking according to the SAIs is very much disturbing the health of women and a child-in-patient condition. Children who are exposed to passive smoking are in households who are more vulnerable to respiratory illness from childhood, after which they are infected. suffering from odious rhinitis, skin or middle ear blow. There is also a greater understanding of oncological diseases.

Do not go to the smokers

"Non-intellectual smokers are at risk who risk the development of their needs. The risk of the wild is similar to women who are pregnant by smoking one to five daily cigarettes. Smokers have a greater risk of pre-delivery, with a higher risk of sudden death disorder in birth. In addition, mothers who have been Smoking while they are pregnant with difficulties. The most difficult are unnecessary differences and behavioral abnormalities, " warned of ÚVZ.

Head of the Children and Young People's Health Department, Jan Hamad, said that there are thousands of different types of factories that do spread through the air for a long time after smoking. These materials will deal with other contamination nearby, and Creating new dangerous companies that affect DNA.

"They set down the furniture, even things that are in another room where they do not smoke. Nicotine is especially stored in hair, which can be determined after a long time. It was also found in the hair of young children from heavy-smoked families, or in those children that the mothers did not stop smoking even long. they were pregnant, " to say.

School children are already testing cigarettes

Statistics show that they do not have a & # 39; The first experience with avoiding cigarettes more with primary school pupils. Nearly 34 percent of 11 to 14 year olds reported smoked cigarettes. This comes from the TAD school inspection in 2014 on a sample of 5436 primary school pupils. 24% of secondary 4908 pupils were introduced to the daily need to burn a smoke at least once.

However, tobacco use is a major risk factor for many accidents and fatigue. There are more than 7,000 chemicals and firms in smoke mist, and it is estimated that a large amount of carcinogen is proven.

Smokers who want to fight can be helped by helping with limited consultation for smoking at the Public Public Bureau (RÚVZ) in the Soviet Republic, RÚVZ's basic health advisers, as well as to & # 39; Help Linke (telephone number 0908222722).

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