SMOL: Use of tweed phone in the school; good for students, good for the teacher?


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As I have previously written, my day-to-day classroom practice as a secondary teacher has been losing despite the fact that there are more "advanced" forces in the best teaching practices who is Thinking that students should be allowed to use smartphones in class.

Today, there is a number of schools that are increasingly bitter to the belief that the theoretical opportunity is that students, at times, can use smartphones to work with academy; means they should be allowed. Similarly, teachers should now try to find a way to bring them into the classroom.

And, indeed, some strangers in the school system believe that attendance is better than any electronic computing device that means "more famous young people".

Naturally, the use of smartphones is "at the discretion of the classroom room teacher" and always needs to be "academic reasons". I think that some of them are. We think we have the very best ability to personalize the individual smartphone on the use of 25-30 teenagers and, at the same time, teach and teach. guide their class.

But the simple fact that any student knows that these tools are a personal means of entertainment and concern. These are the ways in which they communicate with their friends, and playing video games and listening to music. However, the truth is that they are encouraged as an educational tool to attack the way students can benefit from the doubt when they have the opportunity to interact with their smartphones indoor and outdoor class.

There, however, there is only one moving department in schools when it comes to the use of a smartphone in the classroom.


Let me be clear, I fully agree that teachers should not be able to find out the classical phones in the class for the same reasons that I am doing; think students should not be using them. They are disturbed. That's why my lonely limit on using smartphones is related to me as just as it is; apply to my students.

But when I hear that administrators say that it is "unprofitable" for smartphone users to use in the classroom, while at the same time saying that it can be suitable for students, not It is not as good as double status.

Indeed, teachers who use iPhones / cell phones in the class may address a complaint for professional misconduct. This happened to a Hamilton district teacher in recent years.

It may be that there is only reliance for children and adolescents not to; Using their smartphones in school for videos, Snapchat, texting, YouTube and music?

If someone can not prove that this old teacher can only be 14-18 years old to be confident that smartphone is used for academic purposes, we may have the same trust and choice that we offer to students to teachers.

It is just when the ones in my assessment of their free phones are classically free and they will get open access to what apps they have; for "school-purpose" that makes decisions to & # 39; See really what smart phones mean for teaching and learning.

– Smol is a tutor and online writer in the GTA.

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