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Directorate of Priorities Market (SMV) a warning of the methods advertised to raise money with the aim of project and activity funding, sell all money or no cryptocurrencies or through schemes that are internationally recognized as original riddles (ICO) offers.

In this regard, he emphasized that there is no specific regulation in Peru that offers a tender or does not promote cryptocurrencies or permanent funds, or units worth the so-called "tokens".

"There is no financial support of any financial or government body, and so the companies that do not offer such offers or advances," he said in a statement.

In the same line, the Banca Central Reserve (BCR) It recently stated that crioptocurrencies are not supported by mid media and their risks are due to a rise in the cell. their price, fraud and practice that may be in unlawful actions.

On the other hand, SMV notes that only companies that are licensed or managed by SMV or SBS can be the advertising or offer for the purchase, sale or subscription of financial assets in national borders and to & # 39; using large media. Citizens can consult the directory of entities that are licensed by the institutions mentioned previously on their own websites, he explained.

That said, the SMV warned of the potential risks arising from the promotion of monies or jumps or summaries, made through the media (internet, e-mail, social networks, among others), public events, and including education and other major channels of communication. Looking at this, he wants to know himself enough before his money is allocated to those requests.

BITCOIN will be expressed

Price bitcoin 56% fell to October 2018 and dropped by over 30% to date in November, BCR noted.

On Monday, its depression was deepened, when it came to be released at US $ 3,843, a decline of more than 5% compared to the # 39; biggest size for resumption of cryptocurrencies.

Other calpta money also had a big impact. Ethereum ether fell 1.6% and XRP Ripple fell with a similar sum to the majority due to lack of confidence.

The bitcoin was trading at $ 3,880, a & # 39; stay more than 2018 when he spoke to the last week. There is a broad wave of digital money sales on the removal of three quarters of the world's most famous cryptocurrency value this year.

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