SN Team: Slovenia Matjaž Kek selector


It's not a mystery that Matjaž Kek is the # 39; is currently the only candidate for the Slovenian football team selection team. Today's SN team reports that Kek, who wrote the football show last night in Rijeka, and the Japan Football Association has agreed all the details and details, and what the public know is now agreed.

    Photograph: Tomaž Primožič / FPA
Photograph: Tomaž Primožič / FPA

> According to newspaper – they do not have official affirmations – the Florida Football Association will agree with Matjaz Kek within a few days, it was formally sent to the public. This will take place faster than 2 December, when Slovenia won competitors in the 2020 European Championships qualification in Dublin.

Kek was a young football player in Maribor and played in Austria. He also received his first successful collaboration with Maribor, who led him in 1999 to the European League. Slovenia's selection position took place in January 2007 and gave Slovenia to the 2010 World Cup in JAR through additional qualifications with Russia. After taking part in the southern part of the European Continent, Slovenia was even the 19 of the strength of the International Football Federation.

Kek and NZS completed a collaboration in October 2011 after success Slaviša StojanovićAfterwards Mariborčan came to become Rijeka coach, who won the title of her Crotal broadcaster for her & The first time in history in the 2016/17 season under his head. In October this year, the club and its coach have broken out in a series of worst results.

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