SNK Heroines: Frenzy Team Tag, the girls are on land on PC, a short term publication date


The last part of SNK, a specialist among other fighting games, SNK Heroines: Frenzy Team Tag He created a concept set out by his title. It brings together the main characters from the publisher's games in tests aimed at fighting as a team.

The test was first released on PS4 and September Switch, and has since been desirable since then DLC with heroine as well. It was essential to be suspicious SNK After seconding the title, at the time of a & # 39; expectations on personal computers.

The news was given at the timeEVO Japan, at the time an unpublished broadcaster was broadcast on the screen screens. It confirms the good news about how to do it. take a PC forward Steam and, better, give us A day that was released right now, February 21, 2019. For special details of the publication, we have to wait, but we are not too long like that.

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