SNL & # 39; Using Amazon HQ2 as a talk for Steve Carell, such as Jeff Bezos, Make Fun Of Trump


If there is a real way of ways of enjoying President Trump, Saturday Night Live searching for all of them. The 17th sketch comedy series used 17 of the week of the best Jacobite news stories that were not related to Trump, and turned things forward by doing it. dressing up Steve Carell as Jeff Bezos and fear of Donald Trump SNLSouth Westerly

Last year there was no bigger news in the city of New York than saying that Amazon would build a secondary headquarters in the Queens town. Despite full-fledged counter combinations that were set up for the news, the advertisement did not affect any effects of Amazon HQ2 on Queens, which did not mention recent disputes in Amazon, and did not use the sketch to make a satir on the & # 39; Rich Chief Jeff Bezos. SNL received different sports at Amazon and Queens prices at the time Weekend update part of the show, but their targets were clearly set on Donald Trump, but watched Jeff Bezos, who had "hundreds one" money than the President, and said that a book Donald Trump, The Art Of The Deal, the only book "Four Chapters 11," but accordingly The Washington Post, Trump has been recorded for a six-hour break.

The long-term advertisement indicates that the new offices at Amazon, Queens, New York and Arlington, Virginia, have two locations. Responding to two of the most important places in Donald Trump's life. Trump was born in Queens, and he is now a lives in the White House near Arlington, Virginia, and Jeff False's design is the Amazon counterfeit that is willing to establish more important Amazon locations in Trump-out locations, such as Mar-A-Largo. Bezos does not indicate that he holds the Trump-critical magazine The Washington Post, launching a new service called Amazon Caravan, and a & # 39; Exit all Amazon badges with a wig that looks like Donald Trump's son.

SNLBezos has also designed designs made by Kanye West, Kim Jong-Un, and Vladimir Putin. He also has an eyebrow of the character of Guad's lovely guitar, but that does not mean that Bezos is a game of great and full games, such as Mario Kart and Administrator Captain Toad that shows the scam that is being respect. It is more likely to comment on the Stormy Daniels book that compares the genetal Trumps and the mushroom mushroom, but another is a great deal; digging throughout the ad.

SNL has come far from the days when Donald Trump was giving a series, a & # 39; Finding ways to deceive it in almost every week, appearing the week before the program starts. SNL Using Jeff Bezos to disturb Donald Trump – but it would not be surprising SNL to go from using Jeff Bezos as a person against the Trump for a & # 39; Believe a satirical song, because he is the richest man in the world and possibly be as powerful as Donald Trump, if he is not bigger. For the time, however, Jeff Bezos is not in SNLand Donald Trump is great, even when there is no news story about it.

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