SNL Raps About RBG with Kate McKinnon Donning the Courtroom Cloak


Ella Mai may have been the musical guest of the evening for Saturday Night LiveSteve Carell-hosted episode, but the real sing-along moment happened when Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, and Kate McKinnon teamed up to pay tribute to beloved Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by way of "Live Sheck Wes."

Retitled "Live For Ginsburg," the song champions RBG's resilience in the face of her recent fall at work, during which she suffered three broken ribs, which is not the first time she's worked through some serious injuries.

"You think some broken ribs gon 'hold her down? Hell naw, and hell naw. "

The pair also pump up her position as a staunch defender of equal protection measures that protect minorities: "Fighting for women's rights, equal rights, she's the s – t. She worked for Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton. She's experienced as f- -k, she should be president. "

Although Matt Damon sadly was not around to reprise his role as the embattled justice Brett Kavanaugh, the character did come back and face the wrath of RBG after she shook up his beer so that it'd explode in his face, as the pair sang , "Supreme Court's to boys club, do not care given. Who else got six movies about 'em and still livin'?"


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