Snow! A woman and a woman who lives on the road, attacking her milk, and her. Break his / her button to take the milk – PO TV


China, China's mainland, sent a night on the 15th of the month with his family on the side of the road to eat and sleep. I did not expect to be badly moved by a stranger stranger. Even & # 39; and before her family, she traveled the shirt button and hit her coffin. There were occasional syndrome, occasional manual gutting, and a & # 39; Sing in the corners in midnight. Only 10 days were given to the person involved in administrative custody. The strongest leader was to be hit by a man who was recently beaten by a man who has a RMB 200 fine (about a new NT $ 903).

▲ fear! Mrs. wife and her; wife living on the side of the road with her; Milk that attacks the & # 39; button to hit the button to catch the milk (figure / through the film)

According to the views of the woman of the victim, she and her family were eating out at night. The stranger sat suddenly on her face. The headteacher was ruined and asked him "what do you want?" I did not expect to release the other, instead instead of spinning his leg and his / her; Continue, talk a pair of salt pigs just to her upper body. The man left the coat's hut and tried his nose and the mouth of his hand with his hand, and once She and her feelings were very rare.

The screening screen shows that the person displayed the & # 39; woman for a long time before the event. After the event, he was sent away by the family of women and the headteacher. When a group of people entered the police station, the police also said that the man was left, but he did not reveal the purpose of his / her; other party. What was maintained.

The victim's victim said his fear of his wife was determined after the incident, and he could not do it; feeling for a long time. He could not sleep in midnight and he cried in the corner. When he wanted to try to comfort his wife, his wife was ruined and convinced, the doctor knows the accident. Psychotherapy should be accepted as soon as possible.

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