Snow does not remember the jealous man when he is close to her friends


Minh Tuyet said she has been living in the United States for 20 years. Three years from her wet legs here, she met Diep Keith – who is now a man. Both were married after a period of study and surrender. However, when his wife became a marriages for 16 years later, both decided to hold a wedding service for everyone to launch. Le Minh Tuyet, Diep Keith a & # 39; The first man she was in love when she moved to a foreign country and the only one who lived in the heart.

Recalling the time they first met, Minh Tuyet wrote; Continuing, they did not like much about each other, but they do not know if the relatives are common or not; Lament for her own and Diep Keith's mind. together. She disturbed her and worried her every day and gradually, her equality addressed her. According to Suyet Minh, although Diep Keith is a kind of small person, but very adult and emotional. That made her warm and safe when she was with him.

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Minh Tuyet and his man

Minh Tuyet is in his & her; Marriage is the most important thing of the marriage that their own enemy perceives that they are generous and able to sacrifice themselves. The singer said she was aware that everyone was an independent person and no one was perfect. So it's normal to stop or stop when living together. What is this is, and thank the awareness of security that Diep Keith is doing; Given, she can override everything that both of them are struggling with each other.

Snow shows that "half" also understands its work and is not enthusiastic. So, she can make a fair dress upright on the platform, talk to her colleagues and to the extent allowed, the man is not scared when the fans Men give you love as a shoulder, & # 39; shooting torch …

Cam Cam's young girl is happy because she also makes her partner a & n; Feeling confident that she does not overwhelm or disrupt social movement boundaries. usually. Perhaps then, when a & # 39; The first time to be sung by Bang Qiao, the same thing Keith also at the bottom of his ideas requires more "love", movements are likely to be more pronounced by an Actor when he stands on a platform.

"The most important marriage is to divide and talk out. People say that the door is closed, another door is open. For me, how long & Yes, I know I want to close the door at home, I allow myself to open another door, – Minh Tuyet met.

picture 2Tuyet Minh is pleased to be sympathetic and sharing everything in his life

According to Minh Tuyet, at her wedding and advertising about her marriage to Diep Keith, she has a little worry about doing her. Marriage, the "hot" and the audience's attention for themselves are diminished. Not Because she is aware that she is a young singer, who's a? Follow "sexy" image in sexual music and many male fans. But, from the wedding, Minh Tuyet told her to continue to "run" regularly. In general, musical activities have not changed significantly or are mixed and she has been varied; feeling lucky because of that.

After nearly 20 years, they joined each other, the Tuyet family did not yet have children. Minh Tuyet said she had put her children off to her career, but she has plans to plan her lately. The person and his wife are aware that children are pregnant. sun, but only the two are loved and her; share the sad man in life together, and when the child is hanging on the coast.

Coming up, despite the busy end of the year, Tuyet Minh from Vietnam to Vietnam will return to play in the "Lovers" concert on December 23rd 2018 at Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace. The singer, this time shows that there will be a date with Quang to be a "star lover".

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